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Captain Zion






He was created by Sentry to rule over the galaxy. He then started to create aliens, alien technology, planets and galaxies. He is seen as the king of the galaxies and the right hand Sentry alongwith Mainframe. He is the most powerful sentient being that has been only challedged by the Annihilator. He later produce a son Zorac through unknown means. He is space itself so he cannot be killed.


He appears to have physical features of space itself along mini stars, moons and planets on his body. He does not have a mouth, nose or any ears.


  • Omnipotent: He is omnipotent in space and nigh-omnipotent when he is not in space.
  • Omnipresence: He can travel anywhere throughout the universe.
  • Omniscient: He knows everything from the past, present and future but not more than God.
  • Immortality: He cannot be killed unless space is destroyed which is impossible and he survive without food, water, oxygen or love forever.
  • Universal Manipulation: He can control everything in outer space.
  • Creation: He can create anything he wants including life, weapons or even black holes.
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