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The Zenith is Genesis Zero's weapon, it resembles a hammer but also takes qualities from a mace.


Zenith's creation remains a mystery, the most likely options are that it was created and given to Genesis Zero by Genecorp or made by his own genius. However, the wepon takes various technologies from Syndicate such as Reductor tech for the disintegration or Pulse tech for the shockwave, which brings rise to a host of new questions.


  • Reductor Field - A single blow from the mace will disperse the molecules of a target by destroying it's molecular bonds, a purple, energized trail dispersing air molecules follows the head 
  • Kinetic Shockwave - When the weapon hits something it absobrs the opposing force and redirects it as a shockwave, the shockwave is reinforced with power gained from the movement of Zenith
  • Microdermal Sensors - The handle contains devices that analyse the fingerprints of the wielder, if they don't match Genesis Zero's the weapon ceases to function as anything but a normal bludgeon. However, the weapon can still function if Genesis Zero commands it to, meaning it can be used as a thrown weapon. 
  • Static Recoil - A device that makes tha handle of Zenith negativley charged and Genesis Zero's hand positivley charged so if he is disarmed or he throws his hammer, it returns to his hand
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