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Zekric was born from the infamous Latray Lockz but was raised by a group of Latray's followers. He begin earning a reputation as an assassin called the Thunder Flash, where he would assassinate anyone he must in only a couple of seconds. He was then recruited by Energion, where he became the golden flash the lord of conquest. He then betrayed Energion and was captured by them but was turned over to Tribunal. He then accepted the mission of the Tribunal to capture Feryuga the elusive wanted emperor of the pyrults


He is a kind and loving person who believes that everyone should be treated equally. He only fights fair or no other way against his opponents.


  • Electricity Manipulation: He had ability to manipulate electric
  • Matter Manipulation:
  • Lightning Manipulation:
    • Divine Lightning Manipulation:
    • Black Lightning Manipulation:
  • Thunder Manipulation:


  • Combat Expert: He knows all the various fighting styles from the beginning of time to now.
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