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Zackariya Itachi


The Resistance


3000 years old








To bring down all evil

story Ninjutsu : Battle of the Gods


Long before the universe began there was a world called mount olympus know as the Immortal world, As the youngest of the 12 Gods of Olympus Zackariya itachi was the brother to the strongest of them all Atlas itachia

zackariya is now turing 3000 years old, as a 3000 year old zackariya father Oatis itachi hands him the swordsmith an unstoppable weapon that can make any wielder invincible and much control over there chi and chakra with out losing control over the dark force he contains locked in his mind that continuously trys to escape once this legendary creature escape out of zackariya mind all hope is lost .when he was a young boy he keeps haveing these dreams where in the future he met a mystery teenager in his new future life but was uncertain who it was in this lucid dreaming.The creature that escape was the sapphire tiger the other gods couldn't make a stalemate of its power so the gods had no choice but to seal it away back into his mind his brother put 4 different other forms to make sure it doesn't escape as years past on Zack wanted a brother someone to hang on and befriends with so he went behind his father's back after he told him he could't have a human as a brother but only for a pet so he created his own he use his own chi life force to create another which work out perfectly. he named him Rashi Yuzuki the 1st 5 year old mortal.  After the big bang zack left his family in order to start a newer life on pluto. Back into the immortal world the doppleganger version of Rashi Aakar Yuzuki learns he can become more powerful then the other gods he knows he can absorb now after there conflict Rashi know about the portal leading to the mortal world and so he enters. But first he has something to attend to and so he goes down to earth and meet with this man Aakar Cobra he is the father to his 3 month year old son name king cobra who is soon to be the ruler seemingly a bright light come upons Aakar and tells him there's going to be evil coming to earth and give's him a special gift a tailsman one side is full moon the other solar eclipse and tell's him to give this to your son and beat the evil he tells him where the evil live pluto.

100 years later....

On pluto zack prepare for a battle between his people and the wind gods on Jupiter until a dark force sends up on them and the dark force wrecks havoc his people tries to fight back but no luck they was beaten Zack told his sister Aasera Itachi to prepare but she was mislead and start'ed the seal of reincarnated zack was battleing this dark force but was over powered all of everyone but zack was beaten and so has no choice but to reincarnate him self after pluto was no longer a blue planet anymore it become a dark planet.

while later...

zack turned into a bacteria until a ufo comes and absorb it after that they gave him human mimcry and human physiology and he still have his god physiology and then the ufo sends him down to earth and he grew over time.


The personality of Zackariya Itachi zack has two personality one god the other from the demon with in.


Zack weakness is when there's opposite of energy like dark energy is near him he starts to weaken.


Zack was the first ever god to create a mortal.


  • SwordSmith

Powers if anyone doenst know look on superpower wiki for more info

Augmentation - The power to focus one's chi and enhance one's physical abilities.nerver diplayed the ability

Martial Arts - The ability to utilize mystical combat in multiple forms of martial arts.

Reading - Power to instantly understand person's past.never displayed the ability until after reincarnation

Power Form - to transform physically into pure energy. Variation of Elemental Mimicry, technique of Energy Manipulation.

Inner Beast - power to control and harness the power of a demon or beast living inside you.

God Hand - power in which one has a hand or arm which grants them the power of a deity. never displayed the ability.

Transcendent Physiology - to possess the traits and powers of mythic god-like beings or mimic the ones from mythology.

Potential - The power to go beyond one's limits, whether it be physically, mentally, existentially, etc. Sub-power of Evolution.

Absorption - The power to absorb the history of an object. A more powerful and advanced version of Psychometry and a sub-power of History Manipulation. never displayed the ability after his reincarnation.

Manipulation - History Manipulation is the ability to selectively alter the past of a person or object.

Creation - ability to create living beings.

Intuition - The ability to understand abilities intuitively. nerver use the ability

genesis - The ability to create lesser beings from one's own body. Variation of Life Creation.

Affinity - The ability to become more powerful in the presence of other beings with superpowers.

Hyper Creation -create beasts and monsters The power to create beasts and monsters. Variation of Life Creation. via the 6 seals of Omni

Connection - The ability to have a very strong emotional bond with a creature or being. A variation of Infusion

Mind Link - The ability to develop a mental link with another living being, which remains as a connection to that individual.

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