He is an captain in the I.I.A and brother of Lily and Luka.


He is an vampire who doesn't like to drink blood or kill but when in trouble he goes into an primal rage and kills all.He watches over Haruno Akatsuki and protects her he even made her into an vampire when she was dying.


Concussion Beams-He can shot powerful blast of energy out of his eyes that pack a punch.

  • Heat Vision-One variation he is an beam of super hot heat that burns most anything.

X-Ray Vision-He can see through anything even lead.

Night Empowerment-He loves the night time.

Hypnosis-He can control people via eye contact.

Power Replication-This is a power he has via his eyes he can copy any power he wants and know how to use it.

360-Degree Vision-He can see completely around himself.

Ash Resurrection-When he dies he turns into ash and then he can resurrect via his ashes.

Soul Mutilation-He can really screw up someone's soul.

Subconscious Manifestation-

History Reading-

Grand Flame-

Mental Inducement-

Shadow Armor-


Strong Force Manipulation-

Pyrotechnic Projection-


Molecular Manipulation-

Vector Manipulation-


His weakness is lies and the urge to drink blood and to kill.

Water lakes mostly


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