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She is the queen of thieves with a queen-size attitude and queen-sized breast.She was an child prodigy at the I.I.A but when her Father died she toke over the family business.This twenty-one year old is ruthless and keen she isn't fooled by many like when Gonzo Bravo tried to manipulate her she fought back with her psychic pins that grant her powers.


She is mean ruthless and will stab you in the back if you turn around.But she is very loyal to The Prodigal Genius and Sensei


Child Prodigy-She was an child prodigy like Avery Vulcan and Wrestling Rose she was the best of the best there was.

Enhanced Thievery-She can steal anything and go undetected for weeks but by then she is long gone.

Social Cloaking-She can assume any female persona with ease.

She can escape from any place with little thought about doing it.

Artificially Enhanced Physiology-She has nuclear radioactive waste inside her making her extremely strong, super fast and gave her naturally enhanced senses into omni-senses.

Supernatural Beauty-She is really really REALLY pretty and uses this to her advantage to manipulate men.

Poisonous-acidic Secretion-The acid she generates can very from and bitter tasting poison to an blue acidic liquid that burns through anything.The poison-acid doesn't affect her or anyone she doesn't want it to hurt.

Oil secretion-She can make her body extremely slippery so she can escape from any trap.

Power Via Pins-With the various pins she wears she gets various power also this combined with her psychic abilities.

Architecture Manipulation-She is omnipotent when in her castle and is basically untouchable when in there.

Geokinetic Combat-She can control sand and various other worldly metals.

Meta-Form→Is her transformation that allows her to evolve into an higher-up being that is extremely powerful but at a price she needs to have something of equivalent or greater exchange like an soul.

Alchemy-She is an amateur alchemist who was under the tutelage of all the members of The Rebellion.She can do everything except use the Philosopher's Jewel.But if she gets her hands on it awe man are we in trouble.But she's not dumb.



Most of her powers are those of my favorite Anime characters.

Shiki Misaki-is what her powers are her's

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