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Scientific Name: Viri Exemplar Oleui

Home Planet: Unknown


The Xi'phykhan invaded Earth but were defeated by the Vindicators.

Powers and Abilities

  • Techno-Organic Physiology/Transmorphic Composition
    • Blade Retraction
    • Gun Arm/Energy Blasts
    • Claw Retraction
    • Drill Protrusion/Burrowing
    • Spike Protrusion
    • Shapeshifting - The Xi'phykhan can shapeshift aesthetically into any humanoid being, higher ranking beings can completely mimic DNA and become an exact physical replicate of them and even gain their powers
    • Invisibility
    • Technological Invisibility
    • Technopathy
    • Biological/Technological Symbiotic Physiology
    • Knowledge Absorption



  • Their scientific name translates from Latin as 'fake men of oil'
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