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Note the short hair

She is cybernetic ninja and a underling of Avery Vulcan. She is tomboyish sister of the Vicaris sisters. Sam is the girlie one of the two. She has a crush on her Leader/Mentor Avery though she makes it way to obvious Avery just dismisses her acts of love as a disturbance to her training.


She may act like a tomboy but when alone with Avery she's more girl than boy.


  • Enhanced Combat-She is a master of Wrestling, kickboxing, ultimate fighting and jui jitsu.
  • Body language Analysis-She can read her enemy's body language to anticipate their attack.
  • Peak of human beauty-She has a tall slender physique and is extremely gorgeous compared to most females.A lot of females are jealous of her beauty.
  • Enhanced Flexibility-Like a snake she's good at fitting through small spaces and getting out of handcuffs.
  • Knowledge Replication-Anything she sees just once she can copy and remember it forever.
  • Superhuman condition-She has the durability of a superhuman, has the strength of a superhuman, the speed of a superhuman, the super sensory powers of a superhuman and the intellect of a superhuman.
  • Technopathy-She empathize with technology.She can even control it.
  • Empathy-She can read people's emotions and can gain various abilitys.
  • Automatically Enhanced Ability Acquisition-She can automatically copy anyone's power better than the owner of the power.
  • Love impowerment and love constructs that are extremely powerful and inpowering.She can't be taken down easy once her love is in use.
  • She can also has Dream imprisonment trapping people in her dreams of Avery[Which Avery finds strange].
  • Breast Manipulation-She like most of the distraction squad can manipulate the size of their breast but she prefers her natural size over augmented ones[She thinks Avery likes girl with small breast].

Cosmic Symbiosis-She is combined with the Dragon cosmos and has some extreme powers.


  • She can be overcame with other people's emotions.
  • She can become distracted when around Avery.
  • She becomes jealous when another girl talks to him[This is mostly because a lot of female I.I.A are competing for his affections] she is always around to make sure he doesn't talk to other girls.
  • Her powers like love impowerment and love constructs are usually way too powerful to keep in use for long periods of times.
  • She can copy omnipotence but hates to because she once did just that and almost destroyed the I.I.A.
  • Most can break free of the dream.
  • She doesn't eat a lot to keep her nice and slim for Avery but Avery Tells her to eat to get some fat on in her body.

Trivia or Request

  • It may seem unlikely but she has a double D-cup size breast which is the biggist even Emi who is a succbi breast are small[C-cup] Saki's is the third biggist [regular D-cup] [Without using breast manipulation]
  • Measurements:Ht:190cm Hips:76 Waist:89cm and bust:73cm
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