HNI 0090 MPO

He is an multi-shifting body omniverse quantum being even Gonzo Bravo sees him as a threat like Avery Vulcan.

Not much is known about him.


Canine Physiology-He can mimic an Dire Wolf and is an great user of the power he has enhanced bite super speed and bone spike projection and fire breathing and explosion inducement.

Chaos Manipulation-He controls chaos in the omniverse an can make constucts out of it making him almost undefeatable and control people via madness.

Universal Manipulation-He can control the omniverse like make new planets or call meteorites to the planets he can even warp reality.

Life-Force Constructs-Like Ichimaru Jackson he can use life-force to make weapons out of it he can absorb energy from humans killing them.

Multiple Bodies-He has two bodies that he controls at once to track down Gonzo Bravo one body has super speed and enhanced strength and jet propulsion with cosmic fire he can even control shadows via Hunter body.The demonic body has heat vision and super speed, super strength Faust Flame Manipulation.The Hellwolf form has sense manipulation omni-sense like omni-smell,omni-taste and omni-hearing he also has enhanced senses, Holy-fire manipulation and Quantum Manipulation.

Magic-He is an master at all forms of magic and can make spells off the top of his head and gain alchemy.

Mercury Physiology-He can mimic mercury becoming intangible and liquid like he can erode organic and inorganic material when he passes over it.

Morality Empowerment-Like Avery Vulcan he can gain strenght from the good, the bad and the neutral.He is absolutely immortal from being around good and evil beings he can make humans evil or reverse your powers giving him Superpower Manipulation.

Transmorphic Composition-He can harden his body when he's in his mercury form until it can't be broken by Sam Vicaris' Ultimate Strength when this occurs he can cut through diamonds.

Endgame Technique:Cryptic Circle Cursed-spell Sealing Sword Slice:This is an attack in which he traps you inside an magical circle and makes an sword out of life-force and then he seals an black hole inside you and it will explode inside you after an while.

Quantum Manipulation-He can travel through time to deferent worlds in the omniverse he can even fly with this.

Twilight Manipulation-He controls light and dark at the same time making blast of twilight and twilight wings.

Lunar Affinity-In the moonlight he gain Omniscience and Omnipresence he even gains unexistence while in the moonlight during an full moon he becomes omniacrh.

Final Endgame Technique:Cosmic Psylock-This is the move that can end you with one hit if the user misses he dies anyway if this makes contact you'll be engulfed inside an powerful seal inside the mind of Wolves Bane where he uses his subconscious manipulation to kill you.


  • Wolfsbane plant can kill him
  • He can only stay in his Silver-Mercury form for a certain amount of time.
  • He isn't as powerful as an omnipotent being and can be beaten if he tried to take one on.


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