Wind Wizards

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Oliver Raymond





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Known Wind Wizards

  • Danielle Fox Airwalker
  • Santiago Carpenter
  • Alphonso Churchs
  • Daniel Colavecchio
  • Jay Gregory Drivet
  • Helen "Yuki" Ferdinands
  • Juliet Germanott
  • Alexander Homerson (Corrupted, Deceased)
  • Francis "Ronin" LaThor
  • Gordon "Gordo" Luna Jr.
  • Anthony Martin
  • Mitchell Damien "Mitch" Mella
  • George Orlando Nitalz
  • Matthew "King Bee" Pascaly
  • John Andrew Polinsh
  • Malcolm Larry Raymond
  • Oliver Moe Raymond
  • Guy Rivera
  • Jason Leonard Roberts
  • Nicholas "Nick" Tesla
  • Roman Turner
  • Elijah Nathaniel "Eli" Yachini

After the Airgenesis

  • Galileo "Gall" Acksi
  • Brendan Barton Boxford
  • Adrian Howardson
  • Hannibal Moore
  • Brenda Morningstar
  • Mia Raymond
  • A millon of people more around the world

Powers of the Species

  • Aerokinesis - All the Wind Wizards are able to control the air/wind. One of their uses for the wind is make a regular corridor into a wind tunnel generating a powerfull blast of air. Another use would be to use the air around people/objects to levitate them without the need of physical contact. Offensively the Wind Wizard can create a blast of wind who can destroy a wall or also creating air waves for cut staffs.
    • Enhanced Speed - One of their common uses for the wind is augment their speed (Usually run at the speed of the sound).
    • Enhanced Agility - Also they can enhance the physical agility via air. Usually their augment their agility jumping higher.
    • Nubikinesis - Is a technique developed by Oliver. The user is able to manipule the shape of the clouds.
    • Deoxygenation​ - Is a technique instantly developed by Alexander. That sub-skill allows the user, remove the oxygen and air from someone else body, killing it.
    • Cyclone Spinning - Is a technique makeshifted by George. The user can spin at sonic speeds.
    • Vortex Creation - Is a technique created by Danielle. The user is able to create tornadoes/hurracanes smalls or biggers.
    • Wind Breath - Is a technique makeshifted by Matthew. The user can exhale a powerfull blast of wind.
    • Aerokinetic Flight - Is a unique technique developed by Oliver. When the user is in Inner Peace, the can be "One With the Air" and fly freely.
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