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Vital Information

Real Name: Kye McCaughley

Aliases: Mac

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Race: Human

Goal: To protect innocents

Character Biography

Kye McCaughley grew up in England but knew he had Scottish heritage, he was visiting Scotland when he found a amulet in a Celtic ruin, he put it on but couldn't take it off, afterwards he started having strange experiences like sprinting to the try line incredibly fast in a game of rugby when he saw a deer in the woods and being able to sense animal life and hear their thoughts. He tracked down an ancient celtic druid who revealed to him that the amulet belonged to his ancestors and contained all their powers. They were all druids and in contact with a force known as the Vermillion, which allowed them to mimic, sense, communicate with and even morph into other animals. Kye used his nefound powers as Wildside and joined the Vindicators in the fight against the Xi'phykhan.


Literally has a wild side which can either emerge as fun-loving and exciting or feral and angry

Weapons and Equipment

  • Ainmhi Amulet
    • Animal Mimicry
    • Were Morphing
    • Animal Morphing
    • Animal Life Detection
    • Animal Communication
    • Healing
    • Feral Mind
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