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The Voorhees Virus is a powerful pathogen created to eliminate the human race and also affect the Megahumans suppresing their powers.


A alien race nicknamed the Grey aliens, create that disease created in response to the nuclear explosion surcharge when Lucifer himself in an attempt to destroy the earth with him. Believing it was a matter of humans they, created this super virus to kill the humanity.

Massive Outbreak

This affected many countries, a respected geneticist called this virus Voorhees, because both the virus and Jason Voorhees kill in mass. When the virus ended up in Los Angeles, began to take effect in Bradley's team.

Weak and Powerless

From Worst to Terrible

The Cure

Suppresing Criminals


In Humans

In Megahumans

First Strain

Second Strain

  • Power Reduction - In some cases where the Darwin-Gene resist the virus ends up weakening the powers of the user.


  • Rapid Cellular Regeneration - Everyone with healing factor, will be immune to the virus or minimum affect it temporarily.
  • Healing - The healers are able to erase that virus of others' bodies.
  • Power Evolution - Another way to eliminate the virus is evolving the Darwin-Gene and their respective power.
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