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The ability to become liberated from the existential principles and constraints of both time and space. Not to be confused with Chronolock.


Fully capable of stretching outside its scope and limitations as long as it's against time and space, this ability renders the existence of the user completely unaffected by these two universal absolutes. This ability renders the users action, perception, experience, when & where he exists free to be controlled. Thus, this enables one to perform feats like Dimensional Storage that would otherwise be impossible because of time and space.

Though similar in application, Void Walk is not the same as Chronolock. This is due to the fact that Void Walk brings about its desired effects through direct disregard of the principles and constraints of both time and space without necessarily making one exist outside those domains (though it certainly can if required). Another key difference is that it provides the user direct immunity against direct or indirect effects of abilities that influence or disregard time and space making it far superior to the aforementioned ability.


  • Move into any location with just a single step regardless of distance or obstacle.
  • Perform multiple tasks in different places simultaneously and finish them without time ever passing by.
  • Remain unaffected by the distance or proximity of things in existence.
  • Snatch and store multiple massive objects the size of galaxies or universes from afar using nothing but yourself.
  • Absolute exemption from any type of temporal and spatial ability whether offensive, defensive, or manipulative.
  • Pull Chronolock users back into the timespace continuum and render their ability useless by keeping them there.
  • Unlocks Atemporal existence.
  • Unlocks Aspatial existence.

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