He was born as a son of Horuko and the twin brother of Aegis. Grewing up Void felt separated from his family due to the fact the he implied that his father had no love for him but only for his twin brother. He then left the family to build an army of corrupted elementals and other beings called Dark Force. He then led the Dark Force throughout multiple realms to conquer which was very successful until he was interfered by his twin brother. He and his brother forces clash numerous time but was proven to be equals. Void then begin to plot new ways to take down his brother by recruiting Helios and Aquaias to create a new source of power (magic). He then recruited another mysterious powerful being named Latray Lockz but was betrayed by him at final battle between his brother Aegis. The Void then began to hiberate to recovery his damages. He then awaken to take his vengeance against Lethray but found his son instead. He recruited his son Zekric and Feryuga to form the Doom Lords. He was then betrayed by them and was permanently destroyed.


  • Nether Manipulation:
    • Shadow Manipulation:
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