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Vogan is a mysterious and powerful Neohuman who is the leader and Supreme Deity of the Black Pantheon.

Personality and Traits

Vogan is a mysterious and somewhat reclusive individual who surveys his targets from the shadows. As a result, his history is unknown. He is highly analytical, evidenced from when he watched and studied the Young Guardians' battles from afar. For unknown reasons, Vogan developed a near-obsession towards the Young Guardians, believing that in time, their combined might could surpass his own. He suffers from a severe god complex and claims that he does not fear anything despite his subordinates' opinions. Despite his god complex, he is also highly cautious, evidenced from him forbidding his minions from exposing their organization's existence prematurely. Vogan possesses a complete intolerance for failure, which was demonstrated by how he brutally kills his minions with his overwhelming power when they failed to prevent the Young Guardians from escaping, twice. There are hints that Vogan is an ambitious individual since he constantly talked about "reclaiming his empire".

Powers and Abilities

Vogan is arguably one of the most powerful and dangerous Neohumans ever to have existed. His immense power is greatly feared by his subordinates and they approach him at their own peril. The powers he has in his arsenal include:

Blood Manipulation: When punishing his minion, Agent Paul Stevens, Vogan made all of Stevens' blood vessels burst simultaneously without even lifting a finger or looking at Stevens, causing him to slowly die from massive blood-loss.

Earth Manipulation: Vogan can manipulate the earth to the extent that he could cause the San Gabriel Hills to implode, crushing an underground facility and everyone in it without any effort. It should be noted that he was a certain distance away from the San Gabriel Hills, demonstrating that he could utilize this ability from afar.

Overwhelming Strength: Vogan's physical strength was so immense that he could easily impale one of his subordinates without any resistance from his minion, Sage's, flesh and bone.

Immense Speed: When Vogan impaled Sage, he did so with such tremendous speed that his minion did not have time to react.

Destruction: After Vogan impaled Sage, he completely annihilated his pawn by producing six angelic wings that generated an overpowering light that utterly obliterates the target into a pile of atomized flesh.


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