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Vital Information

Real Name: Emma Berns

Aliases: None

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Goal: To protect innocents and bring equality to humans and metahumans

Character Biography

Emma Berns volunteered for charity and used her healing abilities to help sick people and cure diseases in Africa. One day, a villain robbing a shopping centre tried to attack the charity shop she was volunteering at, Emma got angry and discovered a new side of her powers; power over death. Two rays of pure death energy shot out of her hands stopping the villain in his tracks. Emma then joined other superhumans fighting the villain, who became known as the Salvation Squad, as Vitality.


KInd, generous, empathetic, finds it difficult to refuse sharing, helping etc

Powers and Abilities

  • Life Force Projection (Transmitted as golden light)
    • Healing
    • Resurrection
  • Death Force Projection (Transmitted as blackness and shadowy gas)
    • Death Blasts
    • Reanimation


Vitality feels guilty using her death powers and can sometimes hesitate in combat

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