Violetta Parsley is an ally to the hero group Odd Sorts, although she doesn't become an official member until a couple of years after encountering them due to her lack of interest in using her powers to fight for either side of the 'good/evil' spectrum. The best friend of member Maggie the Serpent, some people don't like Violetta's presence in the team, thinking she should mind her own business, but there's more to this girl than meets the eye...

Basic Information

Real Name: Violetta Parsley

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral (originally); good (present)

Race: Gifted Human


Violetta Parsley was born to unknown parents on the 1st of January, 1996, and was immediately put into the foster care system, which is the only life she's ever really remembered. Raised in Devon, Violetta's only true sense of identity was her awareness of her Italian heritage, which sparked her naming by the woman who ran her foster home, Dora Parlsey, and probably the reason why Dora seemed reluctant to let Violetta be adopted, something that never occurred.

Growing up in the care system, Violetta only had two friends: Maggie Castle, whom she met through primary school, and the girl who would eventually become one of the most brilliant heroes the world knows, Maggie the Serpent, despite being branded a freak by her peers; and a boy named Daniel de Polente, who would eventually become one of the most calculating villains the world has even known.

Upon attending secondary school, Violetta and Maggie were separated, as Maggie was sent to the local comprehensive; whilst Violetta's foster mother had her take a test which enabled her to attend St. Apollonia's - an all-girl private school a twenty minute bus journey away. Here, Violetta was able to make more friends (one of whom, Karen Stanton-Brown, would eventually become a superhero against the odds ) and became a little less withdrawn, however her new friends never held up to the closeness she maintained with Maggie, and she would still visit her on the weekends, opting to hang out with her and the newly forming Odd Sorts, opposed to her private school peers.



  • Chlorokinesis: Violetta's primary ability is that of being able to create, manipulate and communicate with all forms of plant life; ranging from flowers to trees.
  • Natural Toxin Immunity: As a side effect of the main ability she exhibits, Violetta is immune to the poisons and dangers associated with the plant life she uses.

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