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Clanleader Lord Venom




He was a new-born when a monster called the hydra attacked his village, It neraly destroyed half of the village until the guardians of the village arrived and severely damaged it causing it to turn into it's vapor and when and possessed new-borned Venom. He was taken to village leader who ordered that his abilities to multiple throughout the village so they can protect themselves and later renamed the village into the Venom village and formed the Venom Clan. He was then raised by the Serpent Clan(an arm of Venom Clan) by Sarca, master of Venom Serpent style. He then joined the Venom Clan and served as a notorious assassin along Ison (his best friend of the Serpent Clan) and Pyress (his love interest). He was used by the village leader Ozoro, his the Vemon clanleader Skorpius and Queen Web of Venom Spider Clan so they could rise to power. He then got tired of being oppressed so he rose up and killed all three of his oppressors and became the new clan & village leader and the most lethal conqueror of Earth.


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