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Sightless Reality
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Sightless Reality Warping, The Randomness Effect


Day Dreamer, has a god complex which acts as a suppressant for his inferiority complex. Yeah thats right even with his godly ability to warp reality he still feels he’s inferior to everyone. Has a kind heart and generally feels the need to help his friends though can be an immature asshole in some instances. Does his best to respect others beliefs even if he hate there beliefs.

Special Name(s)

Sightless Reality, Absolute Reality

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The most powerful known alien race of the second universe of the Multiverse. The Entillian are what some consider the gods of “Universe 2” as they for one were formed only 5 days after “Universe 2” was created. Due to the chaotic state of this Universe at the time, the Entillian were enmassed with enormass amounts of energy. This both allowed them to survive but also allowed for a rapid evolution to occure. They are able to literally warp reality itself and travel to other universes and warp reality within them also. These aliens have no real need to reproduce with each other let alone other races but at least one has done so on earth.

Special Name: Sightless Reality

This special name was thought up by him after he discovered his power. This him on essentially when he has basic control of his powers.

I would say he's about a lv 9 power user in this.

Special Name: Absolute Reality

This is the state he becomes when his human side is represed. This also means that he's able to perform no limit reality warping unlike his Sightless Varitation.

Full blown level 10, no question.

Other Facters I'm willing to Indulge

  • His powers are greatlt effected by what he's thinking consciously but his subconsious can twist those thoughts.
  • Is the only Omnipotent that exists in the Multiverse.
  • Interestingly enough in regards to the above, he wasn't born Omnipotent but rather achieved that stat on his own. (For the record Entillians are not Omnipotent and he's half human)
  • Entillian/?X Hybrids never start off instantly with there abilities and can be killed before they do achieve them. As well as this, they lack a sense that others can't detect with there reality warping powers.
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