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  • RockGuy240


    August 12, 2012 by RockGuy240

    Hey, I just wanted to test by creative writing skills and wrote part of a story... So, yea! just comment below on how i did. Write how i could improve it or just anything.

    Here is is...

    In the city of Starsaw, crime is also lurking, as well as those fighting it…

    “Dang it!” said the women as she notice she forgot something.

    “What’s wrong Martha?” said Martha’s friend.

    “Oh! I forgot my wallet, of all things!” Martha continues nervously. “Could you... Perhaps, Lily, lend me some money..?”

    “Oh! Of course! However, I don’t have money on me. Luckily, my bank is only a couple blocks down. Let’s Walk.“ Lily said gladly.

    After making it to the bank, Lily goes in herself while Martha waits outside.

    “Hello, Ma’am. What would you like to do today?” said the …

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  • RockGuy240

    What to do...

    June 30, 2012 by RockGuy240

    My imagination died and I can not think of anything to create.

    PS: I also wanted to try this blog stuff since it was there and I am bored.

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