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Upgrade is the ability to upgrade all electronics, both from a software and hardware perspective.

Also Called


The user is able to see into electronics and will them into higher and higher levels then they were originally meant to be. Through this ability, the user can also connect to any electronic so long as it emits a signal. The best part of that little tidbit is that the user can upgrade the electronic to emit a signal and any electronic that recieves the signal can also be upgraded. In other words, the user will be able to tap into any computer connected through the internet. Also while they have there mind within the internet there minds will not take any damage because they have such vast amount space to work with. They also can tap into any information while in this state in milliseconds.


  • Upgrade any electronic beyond what it's capable of, like upgrading a simple flash light into an IPhone
  • Be connected to any electronic if it emits a signal


  • Upgrades are still bound by the laws of physics and cannot be used to warp reality

Known Users

  1. Upgrade (Character)
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