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Universal causal sequence refers to the order of succession which all causal events inside a universe follow. Under normal circumstances time determines this universal flow and keep everything in check, separating the past from the effects of the present and the future (and vice versa). However some abilities (e.g. Perfect Activation) incite specific causal events to go before and precede other causal events, ultimately transcending what should have been.

Analogous to time travelling that disregards the convention of time to enable people to travel backwards or forward in time, except in this case the traveller is not a person but a specific event that disregrads the normality of time and causal flow altogether.

Such a case is related to Retrocausality wherein the flow of causality happens in a 'reversed' manner allowing an effect to occur before its cause making its prevention completely impossible.


The relationship between the universal causal sequence and the consequence of disregarding it through precedence or Retrocausality can be expressed by this logical formula:

if statement 'a' is true, then statement 'b' is also true. however 'x' precedes statement 'a', therefore statement 'b' cannot possibly apply to x.

When applied to this following variables:

  • a - invulnerability is active.
  • b - this object cannot be destroyed.
  • x

We come up with:

if statement a - 'invulnerability is active' is true, then b - 'this object cannot be destroyed' is also true. However x precedes statement a - 'invulnerability is active', therefore statement b - 'this object cannot be destroyed' cannot possibly apply to x.

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