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Even in the realms of fiction, the Unexistent Outer Gods only appear as grotesque mockeries of their true selves.

Power/Ability to:

Possess agency despite being nothing.

Also Called

  • Negative Movement
  • Other Side of Existence
  • Primal Transcendence


Unexistence is a form of Origin Transcendence, in the case that the user now transcends the nothingness that ultimately everything they know came from. In this state, despite their complete nonexistence, the agency of action is clearly displayed even to those who are on the outside looking in.



The Void.


Call it whatever you will, the simple truth remains that nonexistence is the Primal Fear of all things. The inescapable and incomprehensible vacuum of sheer nothingness that predated everything that is known. Some even say it will not only be at the end of days but be the very cause of them.

No words could possibly describe the existential dread of complete annihilation. A cessation of all things you know. Every bond you've forged, every obstacle you've overcome, and every moment you cherish. It will all be met with the Final Nemesis waiting on the other side, and wiped clean from its blank canvas.

Some find this thought terrifying, and curse the day they were born into this tragedy. Others create idols to worship, hoping to fill the nothingness coiled in the center of their being that continually reminds them of their final destination. The religious lay their head in the lap of their Gods, taking solace in their power and the security they offer, while the skeptic tries to find a way to make the Void seem more like a long needed eternal rest.

Only those who stand alone at the edge of the void and confront their fears where they find their sustenance are able to overcome this dreadful pang in their hearts. When they stare into the nothing, they find that it looks back at them! While the initial reaction would be to shriek in terror, if one manages to stare into the eye of the beast long enough, they are enlightened to a certain truth: The nothing moves. And those who "fell" to its grasp, are free.

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