Character Development

Character devekopment can help a story in many different ways some could help the story line others would contribute to the creation of some new evil for a new saga in the story.

Shrinking Violet

Noel Vermillion is a prime example of this nice to no end and easily flustered usually for female characters that includes background characters or main. This usually clustered with a clumsy personality.

Lovable Alpha Bitch

These are the head bitch in school or in a area but they have a heart of gold.

Almighty Janitor

These guys are background characters with badass skills and will kick your ass with a broom.

Funny Foreigner

These are foreigners that know nothing of your planet or country.

Ditzy Genius

They're good at one thing but are really stupid.

The Protagonist

The main character these guys can turn evil or could turn into the ultimate good that turns evil.

Covert Pervert

They say perverted comments and suggested things to both males and females.


Yeah they name says it all.

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass

Yeah they act dumb but they're really an ass kicking king.


They come in two flavors (equally scrumptious):

Possessive: This type of Yandere is so in love with their crush that (s)he's willing to kill their beloved to prevent other love interests from taking him/her away from him/her. Severed head in a bag? Fair game.

Obsessive: This type of Yandere is willing to kill off their competition so (s)he can be closer to their loved one.

Action Girl

Yeah girls that kick ass they can be good or evil.{Usually Tomboys}

Bitch in Sheep's Clothing

They look nice but are really evil.

Break the Cutie

You make the cutie in the group goes insane.

The So-Called Coward

Yeah these guys are like the Faceds in the group so watch out for them.

Technical Pacifist

Gentle Giant


Cute and Psycho

Dark and Troubled Past


Split Personality

Axe Crazy

Obfuscating Stupidity

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