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The White Triumvirate (Officially)

The Young Guardians (Unofficially)




Serve as the Young Guardians' bodyguard.

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Triple Ace is an agent of the White Triumvirate, who was assigned to serve as a bodyguard to the Young Guardians along with Cynthia Andrews. Now she works with the Guardians as an unofficial member.

Personality and Traits

Triple Ace is a strong young woman with the disciplined mindset of a soldier. She is very serious about the assignments her employers provide for her and she follows them to the letter without question. Triple Ace is very proud of her inventions and is always enthusiastic in using them in the field. She is a very secretive individual who never reveals her personal information to the Young Guardians and never even removes her mask while around other people.

Powers and Abilities

Peak Human Physiology: When she reached puberty, Triple Ace's body was enhanced to the absolute peak of human conditioning, allowing her to be as strong, fast, and resilient as a human being can possibly be.

Enhanced Intellect: Due to her extensive knowledge of technology, Triple Ace can design and manufacture various weapons and vehicles that are more advanced than products that were built by human hands.

Skilled Combatant: Triple Ace is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and weapon specialist. Whether if she was unarmed or utilizing her customized weapons, Triple Ace has proven capable of outfighting most opponents. Derek Marvin described her fighting style as being fast, simplistic, and seemingly rushed and unrefined, but was overpowering and brutal. Oftentimes, she would combine her martial arts with her weapon proficiency, making her twice as formidable in combat.


Swords: Triple Ace's swords are heavily modified versions of the Japanese katanna. By pressing a switch on the hilt, her swords can vibrate at a maximum speed of five million cycles per second, which explosively augments her blades' cutting power.

Shotgun: Another one of Triple Ace's unique weapons was a customized shotgun. However, instead of bullets or shells, this firearm shoots blasts of blue plasma. Like an ordinary shotgun, this weapon has a maximum of six shots, but unlike a regular shotgun, it can recharge its ammunition within five minutes. The firepower of this gun's plasma blasts are formidable, capable of demolishing entire walls of concrete or punching holes through a tank.

Razor Discs: Triple Ace can throw razor-edged discs like Japanese shurikens. Like her swords, these projectiles can vibrate at super-high speed, which would amplify their cutting power when they hit their target. The cutting power they generate is more than enough to cleave a human head in two like a watermelon being sliced by a machete.

Big Kahuna: Quite possibly the most powerful and dangerous part of Triple Ace's arsenal. This potent rocket-launcher was modeled after the RPG-7 missile launcher. The reason why this item is so powerful and dangerous at the same time is because a single projectile from this weapon possesses the destructive power of a small nuclear weapon. However, in order to prevent as little collateral damage as possible, the missiles of this weapon contain no radiation and therefore, cannot irradiate the surrounding area within its blast radius. Still, even though this missile launcher has no radiation, its destructive power forces Triple Ace to only use it as a last resort. One missile from the Big Kahuna can heavily injure colossal foes like Fanoxean, who was more than thirty stories high at the time.

Blue Hammer: In terms of transportation, Triple Ace heavily modified and redesigned a Hummer Limousine, which she classified as The Blue Hammer. This vehicle moves much faster than regular Hummer models and is equipped a wide variety of heavy weaponry, such as gatling guns that emerge from either side of the hood of the car.


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