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She is an magical 13 year old with extraordinary powers.She is the counter part of Marvel.


She is caring and nice she will help you if you need it and will gladly die/cry for you if you want her to.She is the goddess of change and Vice but ironically she doesn't show any vice.

Powers via purple hair

Psionics-She has all the types of psychic powers when she has her purple hair she can fend off most of Marvel's attacks by using Psychic Program to make the ultimate defence or reverse all of his attacks with an program of super wind storm.

Telekinesis-She is an master at all telekinetic power she even gained Biological Manipulation and Reality Restoration even an weak Reality Warping she can even change the powers of someone else via Superpower Manipulation and even give people powers.She has Reactive Adaptation help her battle more powerfful monsters.

Subliminal Seduction-She can send seductive messages into people's minds controling them or use Subliminal Messaging to mimic Siren Song luring monsters to her making her hunting jod easy.Sexual Inducement may also play a part in this.

Subconscious Manifestation-She can make her subconscious manifest into the real world or trap you inside her's she can even use Phobia-Initiated Ability Generation to get into the mind of her opponent.

Violet Manipulation-She can control love with this violet glow around her she gets enhanced jump and enhanced speed with this and has Rage Inducement when using this.

Shattering-She turns into purple mist butterflies that cause Sleep Inducement and can use Sense of Strength to find out how powerful her enemy is she uses this for scoutingt out her prey and she can tun into an Sentient Vehicle that looks like an motorcycle and she has full control over all psychic elements so she also has Psychic Element Manipulation.


He many powers and fighting style take awhile to transfer to so she is vulnerable during changing time.


Replica Remote Batarangs-She is an Fan of Batman so she bought an Infinite Supply of them.

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