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Tinisha Dolaira is the last of the high elves from an unknown dimension who crossed over into twenty-first century Earth.

Personality and Traits

Due to years of experience, Tinisha possesses a rather philosophical view on life. She often serves as a motherly or big sister figure to the rest of the Young Guardians, offering them a seemingly endless supply of advice to them during certain situations. She cares very deeply about her companions' welfare, willing to die defending them. She possesses a strong belief in individuality and, as a result, carries a great deal of guilt of turning Patrick and his friends into superhumans against their will and believed it was her responsibility to watch over them so that she could make amends for what she did to them. Tinisha felt indebted to Patrick and his friends for saving her life and providing her with food, shelter, and clothing. Being from another dimension, Tinisha is mostly clueless about how the modern world operates, often turning to Patrick Donovan with an explanation about a particular concept. Tinisha is also polite and acts formally towards other people, such as addressing Patrick, Joshua, and Gregory by their full first names rather than calling them by their nicknames "Pat", "Josh", or "Greg". Another example of her formal behavior is when she would always address the mayor of Los Angeles as "Your Grace", as though she were speaking to a king or a member of nobility. On numerous occasions, Tinisha was regarded by her fellow Young Guardians as inhumanly beautiful and anyone who looked upon her nearly fainted from her completely overwhelming glamour. Patrick Donovan described her as being compassionate as a saint, wise as an ancient sage, nurturing as a mother bear, and fearless as an elite medieval knight. In addition, as a High Elf, Tinisha is vegetarian and possesses a strong affinity with animals, making her extremely squeamish around meat products. To an ordinary person a hunter's trophy room would be a simple chamber, but to Tinisha, it was a scene from a very graphic horror film.

Powers and Abilities

Val'Dren Physiology: It was later revealed that Tinisha was the biological daughter of the Elven Goddess of light, making her the elf equivalent of a demigod. As a newborn, the bulk of Tinisha's immense power was sealed to protect the natural balance of the world. However, in her rematch against Fanoxean, that seal was broken and her true power was revealed. As an uninhibited Val'Dren, all of Tinisha's powers are explosively augmented with an overwhelming aura of mystical energy enveloping her. Her physical strength has increased to the point in which she could obliterate a large section of the Embassy Building with a single swing of her sword. In addition, her speed is boosted to the point in which not even her superhuman senses could follow her own movements and her arms appeared to multiply into the dozens. In this state, Tinisha was able to fight Fanoxean on neutral footing until Fanoxean regained all of his former strength.

Superhuman Physical Capabilities: Tinisha has been shown to be physically strong enough to easily shatter a man's jaw with one swipe of her fist. It has been stated that she is possibly stronger than the combined strength of ten men. Her reflexes were fast enough to deflect volleys of bullets using her sword and dodge lasers firing in her direction. While her durability is not superhuman, it is enough to take a deadly punch from Cyber Shadow and keep her alive. However, her inhuman strength and speed came with a price. In order to fuel her physical prowess, she has to constantly appease her unstable metabolism.

Immortality: Being a High Elf, Tinisha is immortal in the sense that she will never physically age or be susceptible to disease. However, she can still be killed like an ordinary human being can.

Magic Practitioner: Due to years of study in her homeworld, Tinisha gained a vast amount of knowledge of the magical arts. Examples of her spells include:

  • Healing: Tinisha can use magic to heal life-threatening injuries. For example, she was able to heal Patrick and his friends from the wounds they sustained from the muggers that attacked them.
  • Energy Blasts: When engaged in combat, Tinisha can use magic in the form of focused bolts of energy that could send opponents flying in the opposite direction.
  • Genesis Spell: Although she can only use this particular spell once in her entire lifetime, Tinisha has proven to be able to use the power to grant mere mortals superhuman abilities, proven when she unintentionally used the spell on Patrick and his friends.

Master Swordsman: After years of training, Tinisha became one of the most formidable duelists in the world. Her prowess was enough to best numerous robots that were programed to kill her. The technique she used consisted of swift acrobatic maneuvers while using powerful strikes that could cause horrific damage on unsuspecting opponents. During her rematch against Fanoxean, Tinisha demonstrated that she was proficient enough to wield two swords at the same time with frighteningly deadly skill. She could also combine her skills with her blades with her knowledge of magic, making her twice as deadly in combat and allowing her to discharge blasts of magical energy from her sword.


Sword: Tinisha's sword was forged with Elven Silver, which is lighter and more durable than any metal ever
File:Tinisha's Sword.jpg
made by human hands. The blade is durable enough to deflect lasers and bullets and sharp enough to slice through virtually any material.


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