• It's not on this wiki. I'm putting it here because I'd like to get your feedback on the orginizations this character is a part of (how to expand upon it, how the recruitment process works, etc.)

    Name: Elizabeth Reed.

    Nickname: The Seeker.

    Age: 22.

    Racial Classification: Human.

    Ethnicity: Caucasian.

    Known Languages: Numerous.

    Gender: Female.

    Intelligence: Peak Human Level.

    Speed: Peak Human Level.

    Stamina: Peak Human Level.

    Range: Varies.

    Attack Strength: Varies.

    Physical Appearance: Elizabeth stands at an average height of 5'4, has an average weight of 168.5 pounds, an average waist size of 38.1 inches, and a muscular but lithe build. Elizabeth also has ice blue eyes, medium length red hair (which she wears loose most of the time), and red and black dragon tattoo running from her lower back to the nape of her neck.

    Laterality: Ambidextrous.

    Personality: Elizabeth has a rather introverted personality. She rarely, if ever, smiles and doesn't speak unless she has to, which makes getting to know her extremely difficult.

    Quirks: Elizabeth has slight obsessive compulsive disorder, which causes her to constantly notice little discrepancies wherever she goes.

    Flaws: Elizabeth (like many other members of Cerberus) is very apathetic and uncaring towards the concerns of other people.

    Powers: Peak Human Condition, Existence Grounding (Only on self), and Dimensional Travel (Via Dimensional Shifter).


    *Explosive Barrage: Elizabeth switches her weapon into its Infernum mode and unleashes a storm of explosive energy projectiles.

    *Tracer Shot: Elizabeth switches her weapon into it's Cupitor mode and fires three energy projectiles that track their targets.

    *Annihilative Shot: Elizabeth switches her weapon into its Dissolutio mode and fires a bolt of disintegrative energy that vaporizes all targets within the ten foot blast radius.

    Clothing: This without the swords and gas mask:

    Alignment: Neutral.

    Inventory: A pack containing several days worth of food water, and bedding as well as a firestarter kit, toothbrush, toothpaste, TP, soap, various currencies from different dimensions, and a Dimensional Shifter.

    Weapons: An X36 Nano Rifle.

    Weapon Name: Messor.

    Weapon Modes: Default, Infernum, Cupitor, and Dissolutio.

    Weapon Appearances.

    *Default: Messor appears as a standard energy rifle in its default mode. It's metal is a dull grey color and its lights emanate a dim golden hue.

    *Drawback: None.

    *Energy Usage: Low.

    *Infernum: When Messor's Infernum configuration is activated the rifles metal takes on a pitch black color, its lights emanate a red hue, and it shifts into a machine gun form.  

    *Drawback: Overheating is an issue during this mode, due to the high volume of energy projectiles being launched from it so maintaining a constant rate of fire is extremely dangerous.  

    *Energy Usage: Medium.

    *Cupitor: When Messor's Cupitor mode is activated the rifles metal takes on a dull green color, its lights emanate a warm orange hue, and it shifts into a scoped sniper rifle form.

    *Drawback: The user can only fire a maximum of three shots, which severely limits combat effectiveness.

    *Energy Usage: High.

    *Dissolutio: When Messor's Dissolutio mode is activated the rifles metal takes on a dark purple color, its lights emanate a cobolt hue, and it shifts into a shoulder mounted rocket launcher form.

    *Drawbacks: Rapid firing is impossible in this mode, because a single shot depletes the rifles entire store of energy. The range of the blast is also an issue as anything caught in the blast wave will be vaporized instantly.

    *Energy Usage: Total.

    Backstory: Not much is known about Elizabeth's past and she usually refuses to talk about it. The only ones who know anything about her past are the Triumvirate (the governing body of Cerberus) and they refuse to speak of it as well.

    Factions: Cerberus.

    Rivals: None.

    Notes: Cerberus is a large and highly secretive orginization dedicated to gathering knowledge from all corners of the Omnisphere. The exact location of their home dimension is unknown, though many dimensional scholars believe that the group constantly moves their base around the Omnisphere to avoid discovery.  

    Elizabeth, like all other Cerberus, members underwent a complex "ritual" in which their existences were grounded via the orginizations highly advanced dimensional manipulation technology. This effectively erased all other versions of each member throughout the Totality.

    Elizabeth's rifle, Messor, has an auto recharge function. How long she has to wait for it to charge depends on how much energy was expended.

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    • its good base idea, would be an enemy to Fenris and the bunch but not a threat unless its leaders are like tier 5's and up. they could be lead by a being who believes that Chronarch stole what's inside the omega codex from him. recruitment, finding individuals who have similar goals or can be "brainwashed" into believing in their cause. Intelligent and/or powerful.

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    • I have Cerberus led by three persons (since a Triumvirate is a rule of three persons) and I'll probably go with more of a knowledge is being withheld approach to the two groups. Cerberus is first and foremost an orginization devoted to gaining wisdom and knowledge (so they're not "technically" evil) but I could see how Fenris and the other Guardians keeping the Codex away from them might make them take some very "drastic" measures to acquire it.

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    • Also thanks for giving me feedback/helping me expand these crazy ideas of mine.

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    • What about the origins? The leaders must be pretty old and powerful to know how to "erased all other versions of each member throughout the Totality". and also how to create objects that basically give you dimension hopping. the three leaders could have their powers based on the soul, mind and body. the leader for body could have great physical abilities and spatial manipulation. Mind could be illusions and time manipulation. Soul for soul manipulation. there could possibly be a fourth leader that only the top people know about, who wants the Omega codex. he could be based on a character that I have already semi-made.

      The old ones
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    • heres a set of abilities that the main three all share

      Planes walking
      Energy manipulation
      Shapeshifting down to the molecular level (meaning that they could    turn themselves into steel or a new kind of metal if they want to)

      supernatural condition



      matter manipulation

      possible omnilock

      possible Anti-god

      possible Primordial Nothingness Manipulation

      these are base abilities might add a few and get rid of a few

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    • I'd say make the Triumvirate cosmic type entities with the ability to be Omnifarious. Not too powerful but not to weak either. Maybe have them look like humans most of the time so lower ranking members don't become so terrified by them that they can't do anything.

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    • Give em' immortality (they can still be destroyed by a powerful enough force though) and Omnilock, cause they exist in the Totality but outside of all other realities.

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    • Also, keep that pic for the Triumvirate in their true forms.

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    • You'll have to give me some time to actually create the orginization itself. Don't think they'll have ranks though, since the Triumvirate doesn't care about rank or status, only knowledge. Hell they could be related to Chronarch in some way. Maybe he was one of them at some point but seperated because he found Absolute Transcendence and kept it from them (out of love, cause he knew what Absolute Transcendence did) and he didn't want to see them get erased.

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    • Oh, I forgot to mention that I changed some things on Elizabeth's character sheet. Just some small things like sentence structure, nothing major.

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    • I added Driunor.

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    • k im back from getting some food from earth fare yeah powers that I think they need are immortality, omnilock, and omnifarious, molecular shapeshifting, with some energy manipulation thrown in.

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    • Alright.

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    • maybe the triumvirate can give their most trusted members a tiny fraction of there energy (kinda like galactus and his Heralds) this tiny faction could be called Apostles.

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    • Mabye their most trusted members could be the ones who guard the knowledge that the organization has collected. That or they could act as agents, maybe ones the Triumvirate sends after the Codex from time to time.

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    • they could have a cognitionis guard who protects their collected knowledge and a quaesitor(or an Inquisitor) who seeks out knowledge

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    • That will work. Also what do you think of Driunor? Anyway I can improve on it?

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    • I think its pretty good, doesn't need to be complex or long. only change, Dokken is actually the 2nd guardian not the third. Easy mistake.

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    • now we just need to add pages about the guardians. The first, Second, and fourth will do has they have been mentioned in other pages and have been named (except for the first)

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    • Ok. Still got to finish Cerberus at some point. And then add a page about the Triumvirate, Chronarch, and the reason for their division.

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    • I'm thinking Lucero should have Omni-Magic. Make him a sort of "Lord of Magic" guardian.

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    • okay

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    • I think Dokken could be like the black smith of the guardians(that's why his name is Dokken Black Smith, its a joke he made himself) he could have created the sword of the internal guard(with the help of the Internal guard himself(they could also be considered twins since they were made at the same time) and could have designed some of the fortifications. The Omni-magic idea is good he could be the Mythic guardian. so the Internal guard, the Forgery guard, the Mythic guard, and the Weapons master guard.

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    • heres some quotes for the guardians

      "You are not authorized to be here. Leave or die."
      - The Internal guard's response to most beings who inter the inner vault.

      "All I see turns to brown
      As the sun burns the ground
      And my eyes fill with sand
      As I scan this wasted land
      Try to find, try to find what I feel
      Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace
      Like thoughts inside a dream."
       - Dokken quoting the song Kashmir by Led Zepplin

      I cant think of a quote for Lucero's. you try it

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    • I'll do my best.

      (*clears throat*)

      "You speak of magic as if you know it mage. Yet your use of spells reveals your ignorance. Now bear witness to the power a true master of magic wields!" - Lucero.

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    • Okay so I've made some stuff up for Cerberus. It probably needs some more work done on it though.

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    • ZAVAZggg
      ZAVAZggg removed this reply because:
      Changed the lore again. 😑
      21:07, October 26, 2018
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    • Heres the rewritten lore.

      The Triumvirate Notes.

      Origins: The Triumvirate was created by three cosmic entities; Nehru, Etos, and Dynir. These beings (referred to as the High One's by the Archeon's) found four beings from different dimensions and offered them power in exchange for servitude. They accepted the offer and High One's performed the first "Sundering" ritual on them. They then taught them how to preform the ritual before creating a dimension for them and placing them in it. Before the High One's left, they tasked their servants with gathering knowledge from all corners of the Totality. After receiving their instructions the Archeon's (as they would come to be known) used their immense power to create the Athanaeum. They then set up the High Council, of which they were the leaders, before going to other dimensions and recruiting new members to help them in their quest.


      Neophytes: These are beings who have been recently recruited by the organization and who have not undergone the "Sundering." They are trained within the Athanaeum itself by the Overseer's (Observer's who have become to old to gather knowledge from other dimensions). They can become one of three things: an Observer, Sentinel, or Seeker.

      Observer's: Observer's are Neophytes who have undergone the ritual of "Sundering", have been trained in the use of dimensional magics, and who have not shown the traits required to become either a Sentinel or a Seeker. They are the ones responsible for gathering knowledge from other dimensions.  When they are no longer able to perform their duties they become Overseer's and train new recruits.

      Sentinels: Sentinels are the ones responsible for guarding the vast amounts of dimensional knowledge stored within the Athanaeum. They are fast, efficient, and lethal. Only Neophytes with exceptional perception, patience, and skill are accepted into the ranks of the Sentinels after undergoing the Sundering.

      Seeker's: Seeker's are the ones responsible for hunting down beings who managed to steal from the orginization. They will not stop until they have captured their target and secured the stolen knowledge. As with the Sentinels, only Neophytes who have exceptional patience, perception, and skill are allowed to become Seeker's.

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    • back from doing some stuff. Its good. I like it, though I would think Cerberus would use Latin words to show their intelligence. like Sentinels would be called cognitionis guard(cognitionis is Latin for knowledge so their name is knowledge guard) and Inquisitors (which is from the latin word for seeker. quesitor) I think the Seekers would also go after dangerous to reach artifacts that normal Observers(I think Observers is good enough) couldn't get due to them not being trained to kill and to defend themselves. Inquisitors could also be Undead or they could have enhanced bodies, to were they have supernatural senses, high pain tolerance, a regenerative factor(I think it would be below wolverines regeneration, low type 3)


      An Inquisitor

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    • Ok.

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    • Here's a possible example of what the High One's might look like.

      Tmp 10305-5c71177b63f1a7213e1111f492e7b1ca1214200082
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    • So i'm guessing the high ones are gods(lower case g) so is this still the true forms of the Triumvirate

      The old ones
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    • Yes. The High Ones did give the Triumvirate a fraction of their power after all.

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    • okay so the triumvirate are like Eldritch beings who used to be mortal

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    • Yeah.

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    • okay now we need a wiki page for Cerberus and the Triumvirate

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    • The Triumvirate has been added. Now I need a break. My creativity has been drained.

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    • okay

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    • Feel free to make any edits you like to it though.

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    • I gave the Fenris page a character sheet

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    • you there?

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    • Yeah, I've been busy working on an elder scrolls story called Of Blood and Dragons. Still writing chapter one.

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    • kk I have also thought of the properties of primordial darkness and some other things concerning Cerberus

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    • Alright. Also, would you like to see what I've written so far?

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    • yeah I would

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    • I also came up with three characters who could be like side villains

      Sol: He wants to "become the sun" and rule the universe or totality. he has Solar manipulation. Is a human.

      Energia: unknown what he desires. Has complete control of most forms of kinetic and potential energy down to the molecular level.(which is basically matter manipulation mixed with chemical reaction manipulation, which then gives him most kinetic abilities) He probably was a human, but now he looks like a monster with a entirely different physiology than a human

      Abbad: He is a coward even though he is powerful. though this could be him manipulated everyone into thinking he is a coward. he has possible demon physiology, immortality, high level regeneration, planeswalking, possible molecular shapeshifting, and energy manipulation(mostly electricity and kinetic manipulation. SO he could basically blow you up by touching you, though this takes a couple seconds to do this. he mostly just fires a beam. he also has pyromancy(possibly hell fire pyromancy))

      Abbad is most likely a demon, though this is hard to determin has he looks completely like a human


      what Abbad could look like

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    • Cool Also, sorry for the late reply. I was taking a break from Fandom (while also editing/refining chapter one of that story). Anyway, here it is.

      The Elder Scrolls V: Of Blood and Dragons Book I
      Written By Elijah Thompson.

      {AUTHOR'S NOTE: Arcamor and all other vampires in this are following the same format of vampirisim in the Better Vampires mod. Cause it's better than default, and in my opinion, crappy vampirisim. Also I do not own Skyrim or the Elder Scrolls-duh-or Better Vampires, which was made by Brehanin. Seriously go download that mod and any other good vampire mods you can from Nexus Mods. Your playthrough as a vampire will be greatly improved. Trust me. Oh! And be aware that this contains graphic depictions of violence and gore! Do not read if you can't handle things like that! Also the cannon in this is the same as the game but with Dawnguard (this book) coming first, then the main quest, then Dragonborn.


      Let the story begin!}

      "Long ago in an Amaranth far, far away...."

      {Ok this is where the seriousness begins.}

      Chapter I: An Odd Offer.

      Arcamor wasn't one for conversation, he hadn't been since he had become a vampire five years ago while out searching for magical objects and arcane texts to further his practice of the higher arts, and today was no different.  

      And after the night he just had, Arcamor was ready to rip out the throat of the next mortal who dared disturb him.  

      To be fair, he had just spent the last eleven hours slashing his way through the lifeless hordes of draugr within Angarvunde, so he had a right to be in a foul mood. He had gone there to search for useful items such as potions and the like, only to end up helping a dark elf named Madresi Dran gain access to the bowels of the ruin, since only she knew how to get past the puzzle locked doors and into the inner sanctum, where some long forgotten treasure supposedly lay ripe for the taking, but wasn't able to because of the draugr.

      She had promised him half of the spoils if he aided her in her quest. Normally he would have taken what he could from the crypt and left, but the opportunity to gain some easy loot changed his mind. That and it had been hours since he last fed on fresh blood.  

      While dark elf blood wasn't his preferred drink of choice, it was too damn firery for his taste, it would do if nothing else was available. Which nothing was, unless you counted the dusty, dry, and emaciated flesh of the draugr that roamed the ruin as a viable source of nourishment for a creature of the night...which it wasn't.

      So Arcamor agreed to help her and spent the next couple of hours trudging through the labyrinthine and trap filled tunnels of the ancient crypt, until he finally managed to solve the puzzle lock and get the doors to the inner sanctum open.  

      He rejoined her a little while later and was about to enter the room, when Madresi ran past him and towards the "treasure" which was nothing more than an old chest and some moth eaten pouches filled with septims, sitting in front of an old Word Wall.  

      It seemed she had intended to betray him and keep everything in that room for herself. He remembered placing his hand on the hilt of his weapon, a steel shortsword strapped to his waist, and readying himself to strike her down for her treachery. But before he could so, an ancient mold covered stone pillar shot up out of the floor like a piston and crushed the elf into a series of old and rusted metal spikes hidden in the ceiling above.

      "Ancient traps are a bitch, aren't they Madresi?" Arcamor thought to himself with a smirk, before going back into the memory. He recalled watching in dark amusement as the remains of the dark elf's corpse slowly slid off of the old metal spikes and hit the ground with a wet, dull, thud.  

      It was at this point that Arcamor remembered, with disgust, running over to the mutilated remains and lapping up the blood seeping into the dust covered stone floor. He may be an undead monstrosity mostly devoid of emotions, but he still had a small amount of self esteem, and what he had done, drinking the spilled blood off of the ground on his hands and knees like a dog, disgusted him. Its not as if he had a choice in the matter though. His instincts and lust for blood had taken over. All he could've done at the moment, was follow them.

      After regaining his senses and taking a minute to compose himself, Arcamor had searched the nearly empty room, while being careful to avoid the floor trap that Madresi had activated earlier.

      Besides the old chest-which had two health potions, some gold, and a stamina potion inside it-and the moth eaten, septim filled pouches, there was nothing else of interest in the room save for the Word Wall, which was of no use to him since he couldn't understand the ancient symbols carved on its surface.

      As he turned to leave however, Arcamor noticed a dark object sitting inside one of the many coffins lining the room. When he approached, he found that it was a long, straight two handed sword of Daedric make, similar in design to the blades used by the ancient Akaviri....a Daedric Dai-Katana.

      When he picked up the blade he noticed that the blade gave off a slight dark purple glow, which meant that it was most likely imbued with a soul trapping enchantment. He took it and carefully wrapped the blade, which was still as sharp as the day it was made, in some burial shrouds he found nearby, before leaving.

      Arcamor's mood improved gradually as he exited the tomb. The trip hadn't been a complete waste of his time, since he left the tomb a little richer and better armed than he was before.   

      He noticed the sun was beginning to rise, so he called upon his vampiric abilities and blanketed the area in a thick fog, which would allow him to travel to the nearest city unimpeded by the scorching light of the sun.  

      Unfortunately the nearest city happened to be Riften.

      Home of the Thieves Guild.

      And to make matters worse he had to deal with two idiots on his way in. The first was a gate guard who said there was a fee to enter the city and the second was a thuggish looking man named Maul, who was leaning against the wooden post of a house a few feet away from the other side of the gate.  

      Both of them had tried to threaten him and both got nothing but a cold, silencing, glare from him as he walked by. Once he was out of the company of fools, he went down a side street and cast an illusion on himself that made him look mortal again, for a short time anyway, before heading towards the Bee & Barb.

      Upon entering he had ordered a mead and sat down at a table in one of the more shadowy corners of the establishment, far from the prying eyes of the other patrons.  

      He then spent the next couple of hours nursing his drink, which did little to lessen his raging bloodlust, all while doing his best to resist the urge to kill the annoying priest of Mara who had decided to preach a sermon here rather than at the temple, where he belonged.  

      Fortunately, the priest returned to his temple after one of the owners, an argonian named Talen, asked him politely, but firmly, to leave. Arcamor could already feel his mood improving again as he no longer had to listen to the priest's amazingly naive rant on morality and sin.  

      While Arcamor didn't particularly hate religion or those who followed it, he did hate people who used religion as an excuse to act like arrogant bastards who were better than everyone else, especially when those same people knew that things weren't as black and white as they claimed....

      Arcamor was suddenly jolted from his thoughts when a battle scarred orc clad in a padded, brown, leather cuirass with steel shoulder pauldrons, brown cloth pants, and brown boots that seemed to be made of deer skin and fur walked up to his table.

      "What do you want?" Arcamor asked the orc in a tone that clearly showed his annoyance.

      "First, a place to sit." He said as he pulled out the chair opposite Arcamor and sat in it.

      "I don't recall giving you permission to sit there." Arcamor growled.

      "That's funny, because I don't recall needing it." The orc said, a small smirk appearing on his face. Arcamor stared at the orc for a moment before taking another sip of mead from his flagon, a small grin appearing on his own lips.  

      Despite all outward appearances, Arcamor liked being challenged by lesser beings every once and a while. It helped to break the constant monotamy of his enemies running away from him in fear.

      As he finished his drink, he carefully schooled his expression back into its original, stoic, state and gave the orc his full attention.

      "Well..." Arcamor began. "You've gotten the first thing you wanted." He gestured to the chair the orc was currently seated in. "Now what was the other thing?"

      "To make you an offer." The orc said, his expression becoming serious. "My name is Durak and I am a member of the Dawnguard. We're an ancient order of vampire hunters dedicated to ending the threat vampires pose to Tamriel."

      As Durak finished what he was saying Arcamor noticed, out of the corner of his eye, that his knuckles were turning white due to how tightly he was gripping the empty flagon in his hand. Inside of his mind, Arcamor took the mental equivalent of a deep breath and calmed himself, his unnaturally strong grip on the flagon loosening in the process. He knew strange behavior like that, especially around people skilled at hunting down and executing his kind, could get him killed.

      "I see." Arcamor said, calmly returning his attention to the orc. "And what of this offer you mentioned?"

      "My offer is quite simple." Durak said, handing him a folded up map of the surrounding area. "I'd like you to join us. We're always looking for capable people such as yourself." He said, gesturing to the modified armor Arcamor was wearing-which was a strange combination of the dark leather armor worn by masters in the Thieves Guild, a Daedric guantlet with armor that went up his arm and to his shoulder where it ended in a spiked pauldron, and a black hooded cloak kept in place around his shoulders by a moonstone, bat shaped, clasp that rested against the chest area of his cuirass-as well as the shortsword on his hip and the still wrapped Daedric Dai-Katana leaning against the wall behind Arcamor.

      He considered the orcs offer. If he joined the Dawnguard, he could gain access to the movements and operations of the orginization.  

      He'd also be able to find any weaknesses in their defenses or amongst their members that he could exploit, which would no doubt be useful in any future encounters he might have with the order. Of course if they managed to find out he was a vampire, they'd kill him.  

      While Arcamor was skilled in combat, both physical and magical, he knew that he wouldn't be able to take on what was most likely an entire fortress full of highly trained vampire hunters.

      "So...killing vampires, huh?" Arcamor said, feigning eagerness.

      "Yeah." Durak replied with a nod.

      "Where do I sign up?" Arcamor asked as he unfolded the map Durak had given him.

      "Fort Dawnguard." Durak said as he took the map and marked the location with a piece of charcoal he pulled from a pouch hanging from his belt. "Find a man named Isran, he's our leader. Tell him I sent you." Durak passed the map back to Arcamor and placed the charcoal back in the pouch it came from, before getting up and walking out of the inn.

      Arcamor watched him go and folded the map up before placing it in one of the many pouches hanging from his armor. He got up, grabbed the katana, and headed towards the exit, leaving ten septims on his table as a tip. Once he was outside of the Bee & Barb, Arcamor went over to the local blacksmithing area and crafted a pitch black sheath for his Dai-Katana out of ebony, before attaching a leather strap to it and singing it over his shoulder, unwrapping the blade, and sliding it into the newly made sheath.

      After paying Balimund for the use of his smithing equipment Arcamor left the city, feeling the illusion he cast wearing off and his thirst for blood rising once again.

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    • I like it. its really good story telling, I would have thought that this was an official story. It could also be that I was listening to the song Hangar 18, but, oh well.

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    • Thanks in either case.

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    • welcome

      also maybe you should get discord

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    • Maybe. I need a PC first. No I'm not putting it on my phone, since every single app I find (which are mostly ones from the app store) always want access to my location and data, etc. I don't give any real information of myself unless absolutely necessary.

      Don't want to be hacked or identity thefted.

      But like I said, maybe. I still have to get a PC and put Steam on it so I can access my account and games.

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    • kk

      planning on getting a computer anytime soon?

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    • Hopefully. I've been preoccupied with getting a GED though.

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    • okay, I understand. I made a few more characters. This time neutral.

      Metatron(based on the angel) Metatron watches over every reality of the totality. He views every thing that exist, has exist, and will exist, every 0.000000000000000000009 of a second. He is the watcher and holder of all knowledge as he has witnessed everything. *Everything*.

      Casey "kirk" Straights, later known simply as Kirk or "recreator" after being given powers after his death, from being impaled by the Reconstructer.

      He has the ability to reconstructed anything thanks to the Reconstructer giving him a small chunk of its power for unknown reasons. His power is greatly amplified by using the Reconstructer.

      Kirk looks similar to the silver surfer.

      the Reconstructer also looks like this


      The Reconstructer (the nutcracker) along with the Constructer (the pick)(there's also the destructor which looks the same as the constructer

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    • Metatron has already been put on this wiki by another user, so I don't think je can be made. The rest are good though.

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    • oh. he could also be called the Watcher of Totality

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    • Needs a different name besides Metatron. Last thing we need is a battle over names, etc.

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    • Yeah. though Metatron is really the only name that fits him since Metatron is the watcher angel, and WoT(short for Watcher of Totality) watches the totality.

      there's also two beings with the powers of the Constructer and the destructor. the Architect, with the ability to create matter, and Davo the Destroyer with the ability to destroy matter. if either one of them were able to obtain and unlock their corresponding Dios Intrumentos, would gain absolute creation for The Architect, and absolute destruction for Davo.

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    • The lord of the Gravewalkers

      Vitious Zeppel (I based the name on one of your characters and the band led zeppelin). Zeppel can completely control his body, and can use his bones as weapons. He also has abilities such as high level regeneration, but he is weak to UV lights but he is mostly harmed by sunlight. This is what zeppel could look like in his "human" form

      Kars disguise

      this is similar to what I imagine what his human form could look like

      and this is what he could look like in his "true form"


      Zeppel's "true form"

      what do you think of it?

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    • It's good. Also I made a power called Photoportation and put it on here.

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    • I like the idea. it makes me think the ability a jojo stand would have. Its unique.

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    • so this is rival to Zeppel(Zeppel is "evil" while Axl Gunsn is mostly neutral)


      the blue cape along with the other pictures armor is what id imagine


      Axl Gunsn has the power of Absolute Combat along with a high tier supernatural body. His spirit has been described as a "tornado of souls" which could be the reason why he has some telepathic and telekinetic abilities such as being able to summon spirit like entities and a telekinetic push.

      Axl is a master in almost every martial arts in existence. his go to martial arts is a mix of Kenjutsu and HEMA sword fighting, as he mostly uses either a long bladed katana or a broad sword. In terms of non weapons combat he mostly uses a combination of Shotokan, hapkido, tiger fist, leopard fist, krav mega, and judo.

      he mostly fight against beings such as Vitious Zeppel, Abbad, and has fought Fenris Darkheart on two occasions (he won both of them). He is truly a formidable foe.

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    • well then its been awhile since last time. Well now I have a LOT more ideas for the...….thing we created(what should we call it the whole omniverse thing we created) I came up with groups, gods, ideas, groups of gods, and some story about the triumvirate. ill post the story later but now I have the ideas of our....omniverse. So every Universe and or multiverse in our omniverse as a "heart" called the heart of the Universe. every universe has one which is owned by its god and what not. it gives you authority over that Universe basically. every universe has one except one ours(which is called Universe-Alpha(Alpha is also "higher" than the other universes and is extremely difficult to reach even using the Planes walking)). The Triumvirate only owns one Heart of the Universe, this universe is called Universe-999 (the triumvirate also control parts of other universes, but they don't own the heart). Concepts: The Immaterial: a alternate dimension which exists in all realities. its the source of magic and many of the god like beings existing around the universes connected to the Knowledge tree. Knowledge Tree: A "Tree" which holds all of the Multiverses and Universes together. Im thinking about giving it creators.

      now for the Groups of gods. The Divinities: The Divinities used to rule over Universe-999, before the Awakening of the Triumvirate and the death of the Divinities by the hand of the one of the triumvirate who symbolizes the body. most of the divinities were killed by The Body(im thinking about giving the Triumvirate nicknames such as for the body hes called corpus or corporis) though some may still survive in the Planes Way(path ways in the Immaterial people use for travel)

      The Death United: The gods of universe-111. its possible that they are connected and are apart of Death(THEE concept of death itself, it is death and death is it)

      The Daemon Gods/Chaos Gods: These are beings created from the emotions of all living, intelligent, beings in the Omniverse. they reside in the Immaterial(this is based off Warhammer 40k if you cant tell) There is

      Caine: God of blood and war. he is the strongest of the Daemon gods and is the most active out side of other two strongest.

      Sros: God of fate and trickery. he is like a dissever god. he is the second strongest of the daemon gods and is opposite of Caine. Sros would stab you in the back and blame some one else while Caine would walk up to you and punch your face until the face doesn't look like a face anymore

      Sinif'Sibro: the God of Rot, plagues, stagnancy. He is the Opposite of Sros, Sros being the continuation of Things and Sinif being the end. if all of reality were to suddenly end(not counting the Immaterial) Sinif would be the last god to survive, or would he?

      Malice: The God of chaos itself, every random act of death and destruction powers him. he is in opposition to every other being in existence. The other Daemon gods have tried very hard to stop any being from knowing about Malice. he is the end of all things and he deeply desires so he would cause random amounts of chaos even if it came at the cost of his own power. if everything were to end he would truly be the last thing before existence ended for ever."

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    • Theseare good. Making an ordered structure might be a pain but these ideas are good.

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    • Also we could call it the Libra Verse.

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    • yeah I think Libra Verse sounds good. but yeah we do need to make an ordered structure. I think the main universe/multiverses should be named after Greek letters.(it should be implied that the Main Universes/Multiverses contain Marvel and DC along with other similar things. it should also be said that these universes/multiverses are separate from the rest of the Libra Verse) some universes get Unique names and others get numbers, but this could get very complicated. so lets try to NOT name that many universes. we should only really need to name them if One). their important to the story. or Two). Their name is important

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    • Marvel and DC should be seperate Omniverses in this. Let's make the Libra Verse an Omniverse that contains a Multiverse and then a Prime/Central Universe that holds the whole thing together. This way allows our verse to exist within the Totality and not contradict it. As for the other ideas, why don't we structure it like the DC verse where you have good (Divinities, etc.) on one side and evil (Dark Gods, etc.) on the other? Hell we could make ourselves the Supreme Beings of the verse. What do you think? I'm thinking that with enough work this could be our own Marvel or DC like verse, even if it isn't officially published.

      It'd still be better than Suggsverse at any rate.

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    • yeah that sounds better the DC and marvel are separate Omniverses. I think the divinities should remain neutral and such.(im doing this to give The Corpus a reason to kill them. ill explain it later) so yeah theres the Alpha universe which is above the others but still connected in a strange and Unknown way. and yes I think some of the gods are evil(im planning future beings to be added in the god groups) and I think we could make ourselves the creator of the Totality tree(or the Knowledge tree) and then theres the Main 23 other universes(all named after a greek letter) which hold together and surround the Knowledge tree. then the other universes branch out and are spread across the branches and the roots of the tree. its still technically a Connected omniverse due to it still being connected in some way with the Knowledge tree, the totality, and the Immaterial

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    • Do you think having the entitre Libra Verse being a Boundless Inner World of two beings (you and I) is a better idea than having it actually exist in the Totality? Like we could just write ourselves as some unified cosmic entity that created an inner world or something. Just an idea.

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    • We could call our fictional selves the Deorum Geminae or Twin Gods.

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    • Also, maybe the Immaterial could be like the Sap of the tree. Whereas the bramches and roots hold all the universes together and connect them, the Immaterial flows through them which is why it can be used for travel by cosmic beings. Also the Alpha verse could be where we reside while the Prime Verse sits at the heart of the Knowledge Tree and acts as a kind of anchor and sustainer for the rest.

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    • yeah I like the Immaterial being the Sap of the tree. also on the idea of our self inserts the Twin Gods(lets make it separate from your main self insert) I think we could add them in a few stories, but make it unknown what they mostly do. I also think they should have multiple names. Twin Gods, The Architects, The Brothers death, The Carvers and so on. the only thing any one knows for sure about them is that one: they created the Knowledge Tree, and two: it isn't a single being, instead its two. also yeah I think we should do that Alpha verse being were be reside while the prime verse is in the heart of the tree. the alpha verse doesn't have a Universe heart while the Prime universe is of itself a universe heart.

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    • Cool. Also should we establish a kind of "Source Wall" around the Knowledge Tree? Maybe where the Immaterial ends is where said wall, seperating the Alpha Verse from the rest, begins? And maybe we could have several abominations and other corruptions arise within the Immaterial that make travel dangerous for lower beings? This could allow us to make an ancient sentient machine race or something that routinely destroys the tainted creatures within the Immaterial. This would allow for legends of Interdimensional Leviathans that roam in the realm between world's or something like that. Kind of like the legends that were created by sentient life in Mass Effect on the Reapers.

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    • As for universe hearts, I think that any universe who's Heart has been destroyed or cut off from the Tree in some way is destroyed by a massive explosion of dimensional energy. A destroyed verse could only be reformed by one of us of course. Also I think that universes (and all things in them) should grow/form from a Heart and maybe we could have legends among gods or other higher beings of the Knowledge Tree being grown from Prime Universe. (I do think that Prime Heart would be a better name for the Prime Verse. I also think it shouldn't be a verse per say, but rather a massive core of shifting energy from which the Immaterial flows and the Knowledge Tree grows. Maybe make it where if the Prime Heart is destroyed then everything else dies with it, either by the Tree withering up and dying or a massive outburst of annihilative energy).

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    • Okay that's what I was going to go with the Immaterial. its filled with creatures created by the Daemon gods(called daemons) and other such beings. its filled with Eldritch horrors and forgotten gods(this is the reason why some of the pantheons exist) also that leviathan creature gave me the idea of a species of beings which live in the Immaterial called the Leviathans. there Huge Snakes basically which are the size of stars and some of them are size of entire universes. also the robots, hmmmm, I think we could add those in or similar beings. we could call this group either the Grey Knights or the Iron Knights who hunt the daemons and creatures of the immaterial(most beings believe the Immaterial is Entirely evil due to the Daemon Gods and other such forces) and I think it would make sense for other races of beings to live in side the Immaterial. also the source wall I think the Immaterial should remain a mystery as to weather its infinite or not but I do thing there should be a Wall to keep out the Out siders, a group of beings who used to inhabit and control the entire Libra Verse. its basically the Outer Gods from Love Craft. and with an edition of beings who serve the gods. the only Out Siders who should be named are the Walkers (basically Assassins) Such as He Who walks behind, He who walks in front, he who walks beside, He who walks above, He who walks before, and he who walks after

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    • theres also the problem of the immaterial turning people insane and or making their heads explode. this isn't a problem for people with Extreme power or who has strong wills. the Immaterial is Every thought ever imagination and every dream you ever had, mental strength there equals Physical strength here. its all about believing about being able to win and to survive. its Will

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    • The machine thing was mainly inspired by the Monitors from DC although their roles are somewhat different. As for's doable as long as they don't surpass the Twin God's in power as they are basically self inserts of us and nothing could really destroy our self inserts because we created everything. Maybe have the Outsiders look like Eldritch horrors in lower planes but magnificent creatures in higher ones. And perhaps the Alpha Verse should have a "Omega Barrier" between it and the Outsiders as nothing should be able to enter that realm without our permission.

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    • And when I said lower beings I meant anything higher than a human but lower than the Twin Gods.

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    • Also on the Outsiders, maybe they should be an actual race that once ruled (or controlled as you said) the entire verse before possibly being overthrown during a cosmic war or something?

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    • that's what I meant about the Out siders(the higher ones by the way) and yes I think that cosmic war is a good idea. it could be called the Heavens War. it could be that the Twin gods throw out and banished the Outer Gods.

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    • You know there could be two Voids and three barriers. The first void could be the prison of the Outsiders, maybe call it the Abyss or something. The second "Void" could simply be the empty space our Omniverse resides in within the Totality. The First Barrier could be where the Immaterial ends. The Second Barrier/Omega Barrier could be the one that seperates the Alpha Verse from the Abyss and the rest of the Libra Verse. And finally the Last or Final Barrier could be the one that surrounds the entire Omniverse and keeps it contained. As to whether or not out self inserts can go past this point is up for discussion.

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    • As for our inserts fighting them...I think it would be better to have a war between them and other beings on their level. As our self inserts, being fictional versions of us, are basically the Supreme Beings of this verse so it wouldn't really be much of a war to them. Having the Twin God's throw out the Outsiders would also ruin their mysterious and seemingly neutral nature somewhat. Remember they are fictional versions of us, the writers, who are neutral when it comes to the things we write. After all, good or bad ending, a stories a story.

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    • So just a recap on the structure so far.

      We've got the Prime Heart/Verse that is responsible for the growth of the Tree and the Immaterial. We have (maybe) Three Barriers and Two Voids. We also have the Alpha Verse, the Twin God's, and Grey Knights right? Along with other gods of course. Also the Immaterial could be both a spiritual/physical power, like the way the Emotional Spectrum works in the DC verse.

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    • Ok I think the Heaven's war should be between the Out siders and their gods(the ones who would want or would even think to fight) and between Some other force in the libra verse. it could have been a war between the Pantheons (the greek gods and such) and some other beings vs the Out siders. it could also be that one or two of the Daemon gods could have helped the Pantheons with the war as well(most likely Caine or Sros). also yes I think the Twin Gods should mostly stay neutral with everything. they just sit on their thrones made of the roots and branches of the Knowledge tree.

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    • Also, how about having the amount of supernatural or magical stuff in a universe be determined by how much of the Immaterial flows into it? Like maybe universes with a weaker connection to the Immaterial are more scientific and whatnot, while those with a strong connection are more mystical?

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    • also i like the structure. so lets explain the alpha verse and the prime Verse a little better so that other people can understand

        Loading editor
    • yeah i also like the idea of the Immaterial acting that way

        Loading editor
    • Prime Verse/Heart could be an actual universe but I think it works better if it's the origin of the Immaterial. Maybe make it a churning maelstrom of energy and stuff. As for the Alpha Verse, I was thinking an infinite library with two thrones made from wood taken from the Knowledge Tree that sit atop a floor of polished stone that has a carving of the Tree engraved on it. The Twin Gods would write books, which create universes and the Alpha Verse is the place said books are stored. 

      That's just an idea of course. I do think that the Prime Verse/Prime Heart shouldn't be a universe but the source of the Immaterial itself. Like a giant lake with rivers flowing from it. Maybe the roots of the tree could lead to dark universes while the upper branches could lead to light/good universes. Universes that somehow remain in the middle could be a mix of a little bit of both.

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    • I like that idea

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    • So how do we go about constructing all of this? Do you want to just start writing stories or go with something else?

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    • Possible Grey Knight appearance.

        Loading editor
    • yeah i think we should start writing stories and such. i also like the grey knight picture

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    • Alright.

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    • So have you come up with any story ideas? Also, are the Divinities neutral or the force of good within the verse?

        Loading editor
    • the divinities are a neutral force. they do some good things but they have done some EXTEREMELY terrible things such as in slaving an entire race of humans to there rule (this is why the Corpus hates the divinities because before he was he god like being he was one of these slaves)

      also I think the first stories should either be the Heavens war or how the Libra verse came to be like it is today. so basically the creation of the knowledge tree

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    • Heavens War story would be longer, but starting off at the creation of everything would make more sense. Although the creation of everything story could be REALLY short. But if written well enough it might just be able to make those who read it want more.

      Oh, and about our inserts, do you want to make them eternal? Meaning they had no beginning, they just were or do you want to have them come from somewhere else, like maybe the Immaterial itself? I mean that would kind of be like the whole deal with the Primal Monitor though.

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    • um yeah I think we should make them eternal. though I think it would be better for them to be mysterious about how they came to be, if they did at all.

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    • after we do the Creation of the Knowledge Tree I think then we should create stories for the Triumvirate. ill do the Corpus(the body) and you can do the Mind. and then well both do the soul together. I think the stories should be what they all did after they all became ascended.

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    • Alright.

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    • ((okay this is the second time i'm trying to send this to you. the last time I tried didn't send or something))

      The following is a perplexing book found in the ruins of the Forbidden Library of the Cathedral of Saint Sciensa. The book seems to be apart of a much larger tale. The book has no name or date written inside, nor any actual name of the writer, it is only signed as, You.

      "After the War between the Eldritch and The Mendacem, (It is unknown what this word is referring to, nor is it known what it exactly means) Reality Rotted, And The Twin God, Brother of the planter of the Tree of Reality, was shocked his Brother had let this happen, and so he ask his brother," Oh Brother of Mine! Why do you let such Beautiful thing Rot?" And his Brother replied with ,"Because I am not happy with what happened, The tree has become diseased. They who lie and deceived Damaged the Tree, even though I made it to help the Mortalium below them." And so Brother Carver, Or The Carver as he is known, Took up his tools and Healed the Tree, and cut some of the branches, and healed the Tree of Diseases. Brother Builder, Or The Architect as he is known, was happy and saw the folly of his decision. The Carver then created a Home for both of them on the top of the Tree, they both created thrones made of the branches and roots for themselves to Write and Read upon, and reality was made right. The Tree was happy, and reality expanded again along with The Brothers Library, and Reality stayed right.

      The Book has, since its discovery, been moved to the Temple of Abbash, Reserved for only high ranking Priest of any Divinity, so that it may be understood in time.

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    • Cool. I will admit that I haven't written anything yet, mainly because I've been RPing and stuff. And I have no idea what to write at the moment.

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    • Lol. just write how the Tree was Planted and made in the first place. also RPing?... Um ok

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    • When I say RPing I mean role playing. Mainly on the Roleplayers Guild.

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    • ZAVAZggg
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    • Okay so I know this is coming out of nowhere (literally) but I'm afraid I won't be continuing this multiverse of ours. As a matter of fact I never actually planned for it to get this complex in the first place. I just made Cerberus, Fenris, the Triumvirate, and the Codex for fun. I guess the reason why I decided to help with this verse in the first place was because it looked interesting, but now it's kind of gone beyond what I had expected. And it's (no offense intended at all) a little bit confusing, at least to me anyway.

      I'd hate to do this (hell just typing this makes me want to apologize) but I can't keep working on this verse. If you want to, that's fine, hell you'd probably build it better without my input.

      Again, sorry about all of this and I wish you luck should you choose to build this verse or make a completely different one.

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