The Young Guardians


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Purge the world of evil and defend global society.

Founded In:

2009 A.D.

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The Young Guardians were a team of superheroes that was founded by a group of teenage friends and the last of the High Elves.


Before it's founding, the Young Guardians were unassuming young people trying to lead ordinary lives as high school students who were social outcasts until their lives were inexplicably changed forever in front of a movie theater. At that moment, Tinisha Dolaira unintentionally exposed the four friends to a mysterious form of mystical radiation called the Genesis Spell, awakening their hidden physical, mental, and spiritual powers. Fed up with their previous helplessness of helping their fellow man, the five companions gathered and discussed their apparent fate. And thus, the Young Guardians were born and the legend began . . .


Founding Members:

Patrick Donovan: The mild-mannered, unofficial leader of the Young Guardians. He possesses considerable fire-based abilities.

Tinisha Dolaira: The last of the High Elves and the Young Guardians' healer. She has superhuman physical capabilities, magic, and swordsmanship.

Joshua Rauje: The hot-headed loose cannon of the Young Guardians. He can fly and manipulate the wind.

Derek Marvin: The Young Guardians' intellectual and physics specialist. He possesses immense physical durability and can control all forms of earth.

Gregory Kennedy: The social and easy-going member of the Young Guardians. After being exposed to the Genesis Spell, he has considerable telepathic and telekinetic powers.

New Members (2011 A.D.):

Triple Ace: The Young Guardians' bodyguard and technology specialist. She has the peak of human conditioning, an immense intellect, and is a skilled combatant.

Cynthia Andrews: One of the Young Guardians' bodyguards. She can manipulate both light and darkness in a wide variety of ways.


Cyber Shadow: School bully-turned-supervillain. After accidentally being burned alive by Patrick Donovan, Brick Baxter was converted into a cyborg and sought revenge against the Young Guardians.

Fanoxean: An interdimensional demonic entity that played a significant role in the extermination of the High Elves. He is the sworn enemy of Tinisha Dolaira and seeks to purge all life from the Dimensional Universe.

  • Mitch Baxter: Cyber Shadow's younger brother who seeks revenge for his brother's conversion into a cyborg and subsequent death.
  • Parker: A corrupt police officer who seeks to get rid of the Young Guardians so that they would no longer interfere with police work.
  • Mason: A vengeful civilian whose brother was sentenced to death for a crime the Young Guardians arrested him for.

The Black Pantheon: A mysterious organization of Neohumans who abducted the Young Guardians when their powers first manifested. After the Young Guardians escaped, the Black Pantheon continued to hunt them for two years.

  • Vogan: The leader and Supreme Deity of the mysterious Black Pantheon, which was the organization that abducted the Young Guardians when their powers first manifested.

Common Powers

Immortality: Due to an unexpected side effect of the Genesis Spell, the Young Guardians, as a group, will never physically age or be susceptible to disease. However, they can still be killed like ordinary people or based on the severity of the injuries they sustain during their crusade. Because of this, the Young Guardians will be able to protect the world for a great deal of time.


Belts: The Young Guardians' belts operate not just as a fashion accessory, but also as a container for their uniforms. By pressing the belt-buckle, a giant mass envelopes their bodies from the neck down and form into their suits.

Belt-Buckles: The belt-buckles of their belts can detach and operate like a walkie-talkie so that each member of the team is in contact with one another.

Suits: Shortly after they started their superhero careers, the Young Guardians were given unique suits from an anonymous source. The uniforms consisted of a mass of nanofibers that could fit tightly around its wearer's figure when released from the belts. Once the suits are formed, they provide the user with considerable protection against edged weapons and firearms. These uniforms served them well when they confronted Cyber Shadow, protecting them long enough for them to defeat him. The team wore the first series of suits for more than two years until Tinisha took the liberty of replacing them with new and improved models that consisted of silver and gold nanofibers that are augmented by her magic so that the uniforms could provide greater protection against edged weapons and firearms as well as magic-based attacks. These new suits were worn by the Young Guardians when they fought against Fanoxean.


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