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Hands Man

Hands man is a mutilating psychopath bent on paying back the laws that made him who he has become. He wasn’t always like this though. He was called by the name of Ted Yonk and was a nice silent man.

One day while riding his bike to work, he was hit by a car. While he didn’t injured enough to need to goto the hospital he along with the one that hit him had to alert the authorities. It would be this crucial point that would eventually drive him to his madness. For when he got there, he learned of a new law that had just passed. it was that whomever rode a bike and got hit by a car would have one of their hands cut off. Considering he lived in France this was indeed one very bizarre and cruel law.

Being a nice silent man, he took this news as he would for anything else, a pleasant silence. He was taken to the station where they placed him in a new room that had been built just for the reason of cutting hands off. He was the first to have been into this room for its purpose. They sat him down and tied his left hand to the table and the other behind his back. An officer picked up a brand new ax and tested its sharpness by slamming it into the table. It easily cut through without any trouble. She pulled it out and nodded at Ted.

Ted watched the axe, his body starting to quiver and the other officer gave him a quick hit to the back of the head. The officer laughed, clearly he was enjoying what was happening. The one holding the ax had a gleam of pity for Ted but the law was the law. The Ax was quickly brought down cutting Teds left hand. While he had been silent to this point the pain was like dipping one's self into lava. He screamed and started going into shock. Blood had splattered everywhere and was oozing out of the wound. He blacked out unclear if he would ever wake again.

In the blackness he saw himself relive the events. Wondering why they turned out as they did. Why had such a law as that pass? Surely, no one in their right mind would pass such a thing.

He awoke on a couch a dull throbbing pain coming from the end of his left arm. He moved it close to him to get a could look at the stump. The wound had been sown up and cauterized. All of this had been apparently been done while he was unconscious. then he noticed the room. He saw the table where he’d gotten his hand cut off. There was still blood dripping down from it. So he hadn’t left the room. Just then the two cops returned and told him that they cremated his hand. They explained that It was apart of the law. Then the escorted him to the the front door of the station and practically booted him out.

Now Ted wasn’t in the best state of mind by this point and made a rather unpredictable course of action. He walked to a dock jumped in the water and started swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. A week later he turned up on the shore of Algeria. he walked along the coast until he hit a town. He had the pleasant face plastered across his face despite having a severed hand and a weeks worth of musty sea water smell.

Many of the locals saw him and most ignored him till one man noticed his missing hand. He told his five buddies and walked up to him. They spoke but he couldn’t understand so he pointed to his ear and shook his head. One of them understood and started to speak english with a rough accent. He explained the “One Hand is No Hands” law.

It was a law that had an obvious purpose. To have only one hand is in essence the lack of hands. As such anyone caught seen with one hand is to on the spot have their hand removed. While he didn’t show it on his face, Ted was starting to lose it. He tightened his hand into a fist and then loosened it, accepting his fate. He didn’t think they’d have any special area where they cut hands off so he just raised his hand.

Four of the men held Ted steady while one watch with a malicious grin on his face. The last man looked around for something to use and found a rusty cleaver. The man didn’t test the clever and just came back. He handed it to the man with the malicious grin. </span></p>

A growing crowd of people had gathered to watch the site. Some came due to fear. Other came for the thrill. Yet still others came because there was simple nothing else to do. There had to have been at least a be 30 people gather. That wasn’t even counting the six men and Ted.

Ted looked around at everyone, waiting for both the moment of pain that would come and the sense of loss that would forever follow him. At that moment the cleaver came down cut through most of his wrist but it didn’t cut through all the way. Instinctively he tried to use his nonexistent other hand to hold his wrist but of course that wasn’t possible. His screams echoed off the buildings as the cleaver came down again.This time the cleaver cut clean through the wrist.

The wrist now dangled off a bit of flesh that still connected to its arm. Blood sickly oozed out from the wound. The wielder of the cleaver dropped it and grabbed the nearly severed wrist. With one quick pull what remained of the wrists connection to the arm tore off. Laughing, he nodded to the holders and they released Ted. Everyone else began to laugh as well. Ted’s head slumped in defeat and was pushed into the ground. He laid there in pain letting out screams until numbness set in. The people that watched went away like a faded dream.

Blackness set in once again but this time there’d be no help for him. In this place, it was clear. Law was nothing more then a excuse to achieve one's own twisted thoughts. No he couldn’t think like that. There had to be people that watched him that felt remorse. Yes perhaps they did but they still just watched. Not lending a finger to help and laughing along as if it were an event.

An abrupt shock to the head woke him up. It was nighttime and a figure stood before him. He could barely make out the man and noticed something pointed at him. The figure yelled at him. based on the voice it must have been a man. Then it hit him, it was a man wielding something possible sharp and yelling at him. It must be a thief, that’s when he lost it. Everything that had occurred before he lost his first hand was wiped clean from his memory.

Though his body was almost drained of blood he got himself up and stared at the figure in the eyes. He didn’t have smile plastered across his face, not anymore. “Give me your hands!” he said. The man got angrier and raised the knife ready to stab Ted but Ted spoke again. “I said give me your hands.” The man stopped abruptly and was fixed on Teds eyes as if in a daze. “That’s right, cut your hand off and sew it onto me.” The brings down the knife cutting deep into his left hand. He dug in until the hand was severed from the rest of the arm. Minutes later the hand was sewn onto Teds left arm. All of the veins and bones had fused together properly.

Ted was clearly no longer just a human being now. His insanity had unleashed a power that was far above any normal human. More minutes passed and now he had a new right hand, thanks to the thief.........

The following afternoon back in the place Ted had his hand cut off he waited specifically for the six men. He saw them walk in their little group none the wiser. So he came up behind them and patted the nearest on the back. A smile played across his face as they turned around to look at them. “You know, that law that says if you only have one then you must it cut off on site? Well........” Pulling out a machete from behind his back he cut the nearest hand off. Before the men could react he was already cutting another's hand and another. Before, they knew it they all only had one hand now. “Well well, guess we got to put that law into effect now huh?”.........

A week later, reports still kept coming in after six men had had first their hands cut off and then their arms as well. That report had said that the man in question had taken those body parts with him. The latest reports told of a man with many arms going after what seemed like random victims. However, those that had survived the attack had noted that it was a man that had his hand cut off. Witnesses also state that the man had hands during the attack on the first six men which concludes that somehow that man had gotten a hold of a pair of hands before hand.

A month later back in france. A report of a odd figure was seen near the scene of the crime by an eyewitness. The witness had pointed out that the person had worn a large trench coat and seemed oddly shaped. The victim of the crime was one of the officers who dealt with the new bike law. The victim's body was found without not only her hands but her legs as well. Scrawled in blood was a circle around a bloody hand print. When this evidence reached the media, they titled the article “The Hands Man”.

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