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The effect that happens when a mental based reality warper has a thought that shouldn't be possible. A Sub-power to any mental based forms of reality warping.

Also Called


Basicaly, the user has a thought that should not occure. Meaning, it is something that the user does not know. An example would be that the user had a image of a dog but the user has never seen or heard of such a thing in anyway shape or form and as such "The Randomness Effect" would occure. When it does happen, the users reality warping goes into a chaotic state that only the user subconcious can control. Even then the subconcious isn't fully garentied to be able to hold back. If the user's subconcious is able to hold it back, then it will shape that thought into a random physical object. This object is a physical shape of the users subconsious and is also capable of reality warping.


  • Creating reality warping level objects
  • Overpower just about anyone


  • Highly likely to destroy universes
  • User subconsious is likely to shatter
  • the objects created are very frail and with each one destroyed hurts the users subconsious

Know Users

  • Michael Glass
  • All mental based reality warpers are capable of this
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