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The Penance Rings are a group of seven sancto-daemonic artifacts which possess the power to punish those who commit any one or more of the seven sins. They exist as cores in the 7 circles of hell and are responsible for punishing sinners. They are powered by the user expressing their repentence of that sin therefore only a repentant sinner can use the rings eg. if the user is using Avaritia then they will have to get in a charitable, genorous mindset and silently apologize for their greed. However if the user is unrepentant and tries to use the rings, it's effect will reflect back on them eg. if the user tries to use Invidia while feeling jealous and wanting what others have to the point that they resent them, the ring will freeze the user.


Ira - The red ring of Wrath that inflicts any physical damage that the target has caused in the past back on themselves. It can also be used to summon raging bulls. It's element is fire. (Right index)

Gula - The orange ring of Gluttony that inflicts starvation equivalent to the target’s past indulgences back on themselves. It can also be used to summon rabid boars. It's element is water. (Right middle)

Avaritia - The yellow ring of Greed that causes the ground under the target's feet to turn into molten gold, the depth of the gold pool is equivalent to the target’s level of avarice. It can also be used to summon toxic frogs. It's element is metal. (Right ring)

Invidia - The green ring of Envy that freezes targets, the severity of coldness is equivalent to the target’s jealousy. It can also be used to summon dogs. It's element is ice. (Right little)

Superbia - The blue ring of Pride that spawns flowered adornments on targets equivalent to their arrogance. It can also be used to summon horses. It's element is wood. (Left index)

Acedia - The indigo ring of Sloth that causes targets to feel as if they have been awake for a duration equivalent to their severity of laziness. It can also be used to summon animate statues. It's element is earth. (Left middle)

Libido - The violet ring of Lust that causes targets to be pushed away from the user, the force of the repulsion is equivalent to the level of the target’s carnality. It can also be used to summon succubi. It's element is lightning. (Left ring)

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