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"This is the most dangerous box in the Totality. Guard it with your lives."

–Chronarch tasking the Twelve with the guardianship of the Omega Codex.


The cosmic entity, Chronarch, created the Omega Codex after he found the secrets of Absolute Transcendence in a long forgotten part of the Totality. He formed it from primordial darkness and sealed the secrets within. He then engraved each face with Celestial symbols and locked it in the Infinity Vault underneath Yan-Soreth.


The Omega Codex appears as a black, metallic, cube of varying sizes with silvery Celestial symbols covering all of its sides. No one knows what its interior (if it even has one) looks like, as no living creature has managed to gain access to it.


The Omega Codex is capable of granting Absolute Transcendence to the being that gains access to it. While this would alllow the being to transcend all limitations, it would also render their existence meaningless. In other words any being that gains access to the Omega Codex will become one with the Void and cease to be.

Current Location


The first sight after the Vault gate

An Infinity Vault underneath the city of Yan-Soreth in the dimension of Driunor. The vault its self is like another planet, with jungles, ancient and advance city's abandoned throughout the path to the Throne gate were the Internal Guardian is stationed. Music can be heard through out the vault, but it is most frequent in the inner vault. Its unknown were the music originates, but its likely from the Internal guard.

Gate to infinity

the Gate to the Infinity Vault

94448f4904cbc08agate to codex

The gate to the Omega Codex


The Twelve.

The First guardian created is forever stationed at the gate to the Omega Codex sitting on his throne, and wearing his crown giving him authority to guard. He is the last line of defense. No one knows his name except Chronarch.


The internal guard.

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  • There are some who believe that the symbols engraved on each face of the Codex are the key to unlocking it. This has not been confirmed however, since all who have tried to gain access to the Codex have been vanquished.
  • Although the Codex appears to be made of metal, it is in fact made of Primordial Darkness.
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