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Vital Information

Real Name: None

Aliases: God, The Creator

Age: Ageless

Gender: Takes the form of a male but is essentially genderless

Alignment: None

Race: Raceless

Goals: To preserve the universe

Character Biography

In an alternate universe, the Salvation Squad and the Vindicators were on a mision in Russia, but Entropy's powers went haywire and she released a huge wave of antimatter destroying the universe and all the beings in it. However, a second before everything was destroyed, Bastion telepathically drained the willpower of everyone on Earth in order to bolster his own, he then used his enhanced will to augment his telekinesis and telepathy and dragged the minds and residual photons produced by anti-matter/matter collisions and formed a body made of light with a universal mind made from everyone on Earth's mind. The being had all their power and will making him almost omnipotent, he travelled back in time to before the beginning and created the universe. He wnt md with power and destroted every other alternate universe that had a possibility ofcreating a being with equal or more power than him. He eventually made it to our dimension but was destroyed by Bastion in a similar fashion to how he was formed. The Bastion of our dimesnion tricked the Light into reading his mind and with his extensive knowledge of the workings of telepathy, managed to turn this telepathic link back on the Light and temporarily get his psychic powers back, he then used these psychic powers to perform a planetary will drain and used the enhanced will to disperse the multiple minds that made up the Light and force them into there mainstream universe counterparts, because their minds were exactly the same, the alternate universe counterparts harmlessly assimilated into the mainstream universe ones with no changes.


The Light has the personality of every single being on Earth but it's dominant personality is Bastion as he is the one who united them

Powers and Abilities

  • Nigh-Omnipotence - It is unknown if the Light's power is gained from the superhuman abilities of everyone on Earth or just their general power but either way he has an inbredible amount. These are some of the abilities he has displayed:
    • Flight (Possibly gained from Bastion)
    • Super Strength (Most likely gained from the natural strength of everyone on the planet combined)
    • Super Speed (Most likely gained from the natural speed of everyone on the planet combined)
    • Matter Manipulation (Possibly a more advanced version of Bastion's telekinesis)
    • Omnipathy (Possibly a more advanced version of Bastion's telepathy)
    • Energy Blasts (Possibly gained from Jet)
    • Temporal Immobilisation (Gained from unknown beings on Earth)
    • Time Travel (Gained from unknown beings on Earth)
    • Teleportation (Gaind from unknown beings on Earth)
    • Dimensional Travel (Possibly a more advanced version of teleportation)
    • Creation (Gained from unknown beings on Earth)
    • Healing (Possibly gained from Vitality)
    • Destruction (Possibly gained from Entropy)
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