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Avery Vulcan-You think you can take him on Eh?He's the son of Nike and Vucan and has Susano'O sealed inside him.He also has undergone ascension and is now pure energy who has a bound with the 7[seven] planes of existence.He is The leader of The Rebellion and was once the Commander-In-Chief of the I.I.A he also has a crush on Xena Vicaris.He'll stop at nothing to defeat Deox.

Deox-Deox is an evil omnifarious slime being that feeds off emotions and can control his surroundings he's extremely dangerous so no hero [Scratch that] anyone who has a death wish should try to fight him.Ichimaru Jackson is his Lapdog and they cause trouble where ever they go.

The First Part

This is an alternate timeline event.

'Hahahahaha you think you can beat me Deox?' Avery Vulcan chuckled out loud as stands atop his fallen comrades--he killed.From cracks from the ruins of The Intergalactic.Intelligence.Agency came a figure made of amorphous goop.Deox The Awe-inspiring had came to stop Avery Vulcan from his senseless slaughter of their friends.'Hey Deox thanks for showing me the endless possibilities of the Continua because if you hadn't I'd would have just let this go without nothing done to them but if I'm good there then that means your the evil one there.Since it seems your almost dead I'll just leave and go to the other dimension to play Hahaha!!!!I may be going but have fun with my pet Universe feeder because if you get him mad he'll rip ya' to ribbons so please play nice because I want you alive when I kill My good half in the other Continua.'Avery disappeared into the quantom Bubble and as soon as Deox could move Avery was heading to the next continua to kill That I.I.A too so Deox new he had to do something but what while waiting and weird elephant-Dog-Goat thing came stomping around.

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