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Scientific Name: None

Home Planet: Spectreus


The Sentinels were a cosmic race of observers, they made an oath only to watch the universe and not to help with it's problems,a small group disagreed with this logic and defected to the planet of Paradisia. The remaining Sentinels reacted to this betrayal and used their power to strand the Empyreans, as the group had come to be known as, on Paradisia, they could never interfere with universal problems again, they found a way around this by giving a lost astronaut access to their Celestial Flame, a blessed version of the Sentinels own Vigil Flame. The astronaut became their champion Nimbus and stayed on Earth with Pantheon Gold but the Sentinels concluded that since the Empyreans broke the oath they had to reply with equal force. They deliberately corrupted themselves, deciding that to maintain the natural balance of the universe they had to become a force of evil equal to the benevolence of the Empyreans, empowered by their Malincandae, the dark version of the Vigil Flame, they renamed themselves the Blackwatch.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cursefire
    • Dark Element Manipulation
    • Pain Inducement
    • Cursing
    • Enhanced Physical Condition
    • Flight
    • Omnivision
    • Morality Sense
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