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To reclaim their "empire".

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The Black Pantheon is a mysterious organization run by rogue Neohumans who seek to reclaim what they consider to be their "empire".

Origin and Ideology

The Black Pantheon's origin and history is currently unknown. However, their ideology can be interpreted by their methods and titles. For example, the fact that they call their organization a pantheon, which is a group of gods and deities, hints that they have severed all ties with their humanity and developed severe god complexes. This mindset makes the Black Pantheon undeniably dangerous to both humanity and the planet at large. They seem to possess an unusual interest in other Neohumans, which was demonstrated when they abducted the Young Guardians when the first manifested their powers. In addition, they are willing to use any methods necessary to know the exact limits of the capabilities of the Neohumans they capture, even threatening their captive's friends and companions. These individuals are also extremely secretive of their operations and would utilize whatever methods were in their disposal to keep their presence secret, such as erasing witness's memories or destroying any physical evidence of their facilities. They also have a complete intolerance for failure and will kill the ones responsible for the perceived failure. Infiltration is also an effective tool that the Black Pantheon uses with pure mastery and have agents positioned in numerous human organizations, such as the CDC and who knows how many more.

Known Members

Vogan: The mysterious, powerful, and ruthless leader and Supreme Deity of the Black Pantheon.

Paul Stevens: The Black Pantheon agent who was responsible for the abduction of the Young Guardians. He possesses considerable teleportation abilities. He was savagely killed by Vogan for allowing the Young Guardians to escape the Black Pantheon's clutches.

Purge: One of the Black Pantheon's agents who infiltrated the CDC and attempted to capture Derek Marvin. He has the ability to negate kinetic-based powers. He was killed by Triple Ace when she rescued Derek Marvin.

Torque: One of Vogan's most loyal minions. The powers he has at his disposal are currently unknown. He acts in a more casual manner around Vogan than the rest of his brethren, but still acts unquestionably loyal towards the Supreme Deity.

Sage: A common minion among the Black Pantheon. His set of abilities are never revealed. He was obliterated by Vogan for allowing Derek Marvin escape their agents in the CDC.


The White Triumvirate: The exact details of the Black Pantheon's relationship with this organization is unknown, but what is clear is that they had an apparently bitter history and the White Triumvirate will do whatever it can to stop the Black Pantheon's ambitions from coming to fruition.

The Young Guardians: Ever since they escaped the Black Pantheon's clutches, the Young Guardians were secretly taken into the White Triumvirate's protection to anonymously prepare them for the inevitable final confrontation with the Black Pantheon that will decide the fate of the planet.


  • Juggernaut Assault Unit: These automatons have considerable physical strength and can generate powerful shockwaves from their fists.
  • Sentry Combat Unit: These robot models are designed with energy blasters welded into their arms. They are at their most effective when they attack in sheer numbers.


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