Ice Bomb


Eric J. Kidd




17 (Forever)






Evolved Human Clone


Protect the Earth and Beyond from the Forces of Evil
Dj of K.I.L.I.T Radio

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It all started with cancer and with the desire to have powers to help people and do good in the world and beyond, but one day on a box he won in a game of mechanical claw, that night when his grandparents slept the stayed awake and blow the whistle (Luckily for anyone to hear) and suddenly appeared one genie that granted three wishes, I use them to create another body but that body: with physical potential human peak, blue eyes, light blond hair, not age, only he will die by age (dying of old) and most importantly with omnipotent powers, then I asked the genie to transfer the mind with its mental to his new body skills and end with a new lease on life I asked the genie to give him a second family, just friends who could be a hero.


It has a sense of justice, with its inhuman eidetic memory can: copy the letter/penmanship and spelling of others, imitating their physical movements and with a little work also their voices, is an expert in combat so as in the Okinawa Karate Goju Ryu (Which movements mixed with the saw in action movies and video games), has emotional compacion with people and animals that exist in the world and a pure heart of kindness that purifies the bad people.


  • Telekinesis - He is able to levitate peoples and objects.
    • Telekinetic Flight - B can fly using his Telekinesis.
  • Heat Vision - Eric can generate beams of heat from his eyes.
  • Ice Breath - Ice Bomb is able to exhale ice/cold from his mouth.
  • Supernatural Speed - B may be at nearly the speed of light.
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