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Vital Information

Real Name: Thalakardia

Aliases: None

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good (Formerly evil)

Race: Atlantean

Goal: To repent for her sins as the servant of the kraken

Character Biography

Thalakardia was a young Atlantean girl who fell hopelessly in love with Kraken, a young boy who had an excellent voice, perhaps too good as Kraken started to become arrogant, he claimed he could sing better than Abollon, the Atlantean god of singing and music. The gods punished him for his arrogance by turning him into a huge monster whose diet included people and Atlanteans, whenever he tried to sing all that came out was the tortured screams of a thousand sunken civilsations. Despite his monstrous appearance, Thalakardia still loved him and would sing to him every night until he sunk into the abyss to sleep. Kraken gave Thalakardia a portion of his power and for centuries she served as his herald, defender and eliminator of all who stood in his way, she would also lure sailors into his jaws with his voice. Kraken resurfaced in modern times and threatened London, a group of superheroes who soon came to be known as Pantheon Gold came to it's protection and convinced Thalakardia that Kraken was gone and all that remained was the Kraken. She broke free of his command and used her power to defeat him with her newfound friends.


Slightly disconnected from emotions of pity and remorse leaving her quite cold-hearted but still kind and generous, still guilty about serving the Kraken

Powers and Abilities

  • Siren Song - There are two sides to Thalakardia's voice, the song which can charm people so that they are calmed or lured. The other side is the shout this can be used for more dynamic effects such as creating an elemental blast, blocking attacks or repulsing enemies, it can also effect emotions, causing rage and fear. They both work by vocalising Atlantean words such as singing 'galen' (calm) to stop enemies fighting or shouting 'fotia' (fire) to release a pulse of said element. 

Known Shouts

Word(s) Translation Effect Colour
Vis Force Kinetic Blast Dark Blue
Fotia Fire Fire Blast Orange
Glaciera Freeze Ice Blast Light Blue
Contego Shield Force-Field Generation Violet
Onychax Stone Petrification Grey
Inveniro Seek Life Detection Purple
Luccis Light Light Generation Yellow
Infirma Weaken Shattering, Cracking, Crumbling, Splintering White
Receditellum Disarm Disarming Red
Acerbus Dark Light Cancellation Black
Incarcerus Bind Chain Generation White
Fulminata Lightning Lightning Blast Blue
Katagida Storm Storm Creation Blue
Emotimor Feel Fear Fear Inducement Red
Emoira Feel Rage Rage Inducemennt Red
Kronotardus Slow Time Time Deceleration Indigo
Caligo Fog Smoke Generation White
Kinegeo Move Earth Earthquake Creation Green
Pharmaxa Poison Poison Generation Green
Ascendior Rise Projective Levitation/Gravity Negation White
Idemitis Effigy Duplication Dark Blue
Pseudokean False Ocean Deoxygenation Turqoise
  • Atlantean Physiology
    • Enhanced Condition
    • Aquatic Adaption
    • Speed Swimming
    • Aquatic Affinity - When in water, Thalakardia's physical capabilities and rate of regeneration are dramatically increased
  • Knowledge of Swordsmanship
  • Knowledge of Anchor Combat 

Weapons and Equipment

  • Cutlass 
  • Anchor


  • Thalakardia's fierce dedication to Kraken could be reignited by a master manipulator
  • If Thalakardia's mouth is covered her siren song is rendered useless
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