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Texas was an I.I.A [Before Don Tol'ox offed him] φDrake Hellsing and Noa Ota were his cloes friends till the end he was the co-founder of the The Conspiracy Cult he was under Çzech Bomma.Texas has green hair purple eyes and wears the standard I.I.A uniform.


Just like φDrake Hellsing he loves justice like his girlfriend loves him[His last name is law].Susano'O trained Texas to be the best crime fighter ever.


His lucky Silver Revolver Noa made for him.


Super Speed-He brakes the sound barrier.And is said to be able to move his molecules so fast he can go through walls.

Super Senses-His normal human senses are better than any normal human's.His eyesight is so good he can see far-away objects.His sense of touch is so good he can feel differences in the like if theres another person near by or if theres a heat source nearby.He can 'taste' everything he eats down to the point he can taste the person who prepared the meal hand.He can hear so well he hears other timeliness.His sense of smell is 40 times that of a dog.

Atomization-He can turn objects into atoms throw them at an enemy then make them re-materialize and hit the intended opponent.

Elemental Metabolism-He can eat fire and gain strength, energy and the temporary power to breath fire.


φDrake Hellsing-Was ΦDrake's partner before His[Texas' untimely demise]

Tensai-He just hates Tensai

Noa Ota-He was trained with Noa under Susano'O so there close friends.

The Conspiracy Cult-He was the co-founder.

The Rebellion-He was apart of it for a while until he got offed.


Only notable is his sweet tooth.

Trivia or Request

He knows that Çzech Bomma created the ¥enn Virus.

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