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Team Madara

Team Members

Haruno Akatsuki, Atsui Homura, Samui Homura AND Gen'yū Kurotsuchi


N.P.C., 2-D, Kamaitachi

Tournament Stats

All members active





Other Name

Amazonia-because most of the members are girls




Samui Homura


Haruno Akatsuki


About Ten-Thousand

This is the only team that has kept all of it's memebers.This team is a living power house so only the strong can beat them.

Team's Personality

The team is composed of many deferent personas so many that it's hard to say wether the team mates are friends or enemies.

Team's Affiliation

Team Bang-The Big Bang Guy is the only active member of this team but no one knows what happend to his teammates

Team Ryu-This is the only team that hasn't won one battle but has made it to the semi-finals.

Ulteamit-This is an team that is composed of weaklings that look up to team Madara the have made to the semi-finals.

Team's Equipment


The member were put together by force to join an Tournament to stop the evil team of Masked Man and The Lord Of Puppets and other Ne'er-do-wells.

Name Origin

Madara means spots so it refers to how each member was alone in the tournament befor joining the team.

Battle Spheres

These are the worlds that each team member in the tournament have to battle in that's personally made for them.

N.P.C.'s-Is an child worse nightmara that is dark and omnious most would be scared to fight here.

Gen'yu's-It's an bloody battle feild surrounded by water and war ships under an silver Full Moon scary.

Harona's-An cherry blossoum feild at day break with very little cover for hideing.

Atsui's-His is an cold waste land

Let's win this so we can stop the Masked Man

–The leader to his team mates.

Samui's-Her's is an artic tundra with tons of snow.

Itachi's-No one has seen her's before but some luck soul will soon.

Black-Box Bingo Ranks

They members ranks are in order from highest to lowest

N.P.C.-She is an X-Rank she is the power house in the group but don't be afraid she doesn't fight dirty or fight weaklings.

Kamaitachi-S-Rank no one fights her in her domain so they think she powerful enough to kill with out her power ups.

Gen'yu-?-Rank no one knows his real power but they think he just might be even more powerful than N.P.C.

Harona-A-Rank-She is Rank A because of her unique powers and her clan's legacy.

Samuri-A-Rank-She is Ranked the same way Horona.

Atsui-B-Rank-He is weak for the group but don't under estimate him he is just as powerful as the others.

I--NO we will not be completely defeated until our last breath you got that puck!?

–Any member before they lose but come back with an super powerful move and win.


The levels will be one through 5 5five being the highest one being the lowest

Team Battle Team Work Team Empathey Team Power Final Level
3 when touranment started 1 no one liked each other 1 They just hated each other ??? No one knows how they work together Team stats final level is level 4 for the fist rating stats
4 after first lost 2 they still hate each other 1 They still hated each other somewhat after their first full team battle. 2 They didn't get alond well 4 is their final level for their second team rating stats
4 after third round started 5 once they opened up to each other they started to get along 5 Once they started to bond they also started to understand each other's emotions 4 They get along well enough to do team endgame moves and combos. 5 because they gat along in the end

Team Favorite Phrases

These are sayings each member of the Team say during or before battle.

[Phrase] I'll be the winner of the match today and you better Believe it!!!!!!

[Phrase] Let's finish this quick

[Phrase] I won't back down ever again I will win here to stop the Masked Man

[Phrase] Who ever wants some should come and get some

[Phrase] I itching for an fight so let's see what you got?

Team's Trivia

This team was inspired by the Konoha 11 from Naruto

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