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She is the new form of The Rainbow Serpent she is also called Nyan Serpent.


She is a serious Aid-De-Camp but can be aloof.She is one of the younest I.I.A directors ever.


Leviathan Physiology-She can turn into a Rainbow Serpent.

Rainbow Manipulation-She can control light and all the colors she wants.

Energy Manipulation-She controls all forms of energy.even quantum.

Phobia-Initiated Ability Generation-She trains recruits by using their fear.

Neuro-Electric-She uses electrical currents in nerves to make electricity that is extremely powerful and can use it when ever she wants.

Ärmè-Artimis is her ärmè.

Meassurements:Ht:180cm Hips:56cm waist:58cm and BUST:89cm


  • Most of her powers doesn't work on the battlefield.
  • She's afraid of swimming.
  • She wins every sparing match she has but can't beat Avery
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