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Megahumans or SPB (Superpowered Being), formerly by the goverment, are a race of enhanced humans, that possess superpowers. Since it was discovered that they were, a more "pure" or "true born", version of them in a parallel dimension, they were asigned as Synthenoids.


They were created by the Zeta Reticulans, better known as the grey aliens or Roswell Aliens. They are an evolutionary descendants of humans, who came from a post apocalyptic future. To prevent it, they decided to create a new race of human beings, one with powers, to lead the human race to a better future. After all their attempts, they failed and leaved the test subjects on what today is New Mexico. Once they admitted their failure, they found out the component they needed to create them. And so they send it to the test subjects location. But it went missing, until two cousins discover it.

Common Traits

  • Semi-Immortality - Once they get their powers, they became 16-years-old (Biogically speaking). And they don't age from that point.
  • Abnormal Physiology - All of them, have anime-like hairstyles and sometimes colors. In some cases they have elf hears or horns. Other cases their eye colors change. Anothe unique trait of them is that they could metabolize amazing amounts of radiation. Also they can survive into space, but they can't breath on there. Once their bodies produce adrenaline during a combat, also they produce a very unique hormone called: Mana.
  • AR Gaze - All of them, possess the ability to see an augmented reality. This ocurres when a specific radiation, that changes their left eye's color into hot pink color with a blue part in the the left corner of the iris. If the Megahuman in cuestion is excited enough, the things they could be seeing in AR could turn real.  
  • Law of Highlander - The Law of Highlander, states that 'The can be only one'. Meaning that it could only be one or more powers exclusive for each person, similar one perhaps, but never the same power on two or more individuals. Of course there some exceptions.
  • Reincarnation Turbo - Once the Megahuman in cuestion accumulates enough Mana (A hormone generated by Megahumans when producing enough adrenaline), he/she can access a special form, that is far more powerful than the user could ever be.

List of Known Megahumans and their powers

Before the reality was rebooted for the 1st time

After the reality was rebooted for the 1st time and before the 2nd time

After the reality was rebooted for the 2nd time and before the 3rd time

After the reality was rebooted for the 3rd time

Outside this timeline


Fusions are unique to Wells and Darwin (Since both of them have the power to fuse). When they fuse their personalities, facial structure and powers, combine. Apparently also enhances some of their other powers and skills, this includes the appearence.

List of Fusions and their capabilities

Indigo Child

Indigo Children or simply Indigos would be a sub-category of Megahumans who recived powers from Valen. Genetically speaking they are humans but they have powers that put them on the category of Megahuman.

Known Indigo Children and their abilities

Apex Predator

Apex Predators, are humans that have been infused with the DNA of a Megahuman. They could be considered as exceptions to the Law of Highlander, since they have powers that are from someone else. Some cases the power is a combination of 2 different powers, fused into one.


Dragonewt or Were-Dragons, by the Therianthropes and Vampires, are a perfected version of the Megahumans. They possess a identical genetic structure than Megahumans, no mention they also have Dragon DNA, and highly advanced bionics on their bodies. They have the ability to access the Reincarnation Turbo more faster than normal Megahumans. And when they do they gain a dragonic appearence.

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