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Leader: Dr. Adrian Geigilherz

Base: Various

Team Origin

Syndicate was formed by Dr. Adrian Geigilherz to commit experiments that atre considered unorthodox by the scientific community, he often takes in young metahumans suffering from racial abuse, prematurley accelerates their powers and tries to replicate their powers and use them in technology, they have thousands of members and an abundance of incredibly advanced technology.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Reductor Weaponry - Firearms and explosives that shoot a blast of energy that disables the bonds between molecules
  • Pulse Weaponry - Firearms and explosives that build up more power the more the wielder moves
  • Force Weaponry - Firearms and explosives that project a force, light, heat mix
  • Neuron Weaponry - Melee weaponry that stuns the target
  • DNA Canisters - Devices that can replicate and contain the abilities of superhumans


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