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Syndicate™ is a new kind of human, hes what you call a mix breed on his planet. His home planet, Xenon™ aliens from other galaxys come to his planet and breed. His mother Sharon, made love with Cadlo a god from a Vegoq in a diferent universe some say he will become the next chosen one and defend the entire omniverse from new enemies and fiens. His father was an omnipotent on his home planet and Zorque has 100% of his dads blood and none of his moms When he hit 17 years of age wierd things started happining like hen his bed started catching on fire with a blue flame. After those things happened things stoped, then stared again... When he was 18 He got abducted by Unicorn people and was taken to "RavenHawk, School For the Gifted". When he was there he had to take part in many training lesons some that didnt make sense. When he got his power readings at his dorm it read "Uncountable". Now like any kid hes was confused. He went to the General Ballias(the principal of the school) and showed it to him. " Well it looks like your amount of powers is unknown

to the computer lets just do a blood test", said General Ballias. When they tried to stick the needle into him, it broke. "What the f**k is this, this needle is made of pure qwertyium, this should'nd break." Then it happened, his body turned into plasma and then back to his normal self, but he was wereing wierd armor that looked sorta like tron but not. Then the general said "I knew it, your an author avatar." "Whats that?" , he asked "You have "Complete Arsenal" one of the rarest powers of the hole Omniverse, You have every power and ability that was will and will not be." "So im like a god?" "More than a god, an author." "HOLY SHINIKIES, THATS AWESOME do i have to train?" "No.", said the General "Well i guess im a total boss now." "Yep"

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