This is the power that can't be copied and is unique to each user but works the same for each Dream Walker. This power take time to learn and time to hone your skills to use this.


Dream walkers can sync with his/her [[Tōjū]] to use their full-potential of their powers this could be an super move or super form. Every Dream walker has to use this to use huge amounts of dream energy.


There are many types of Sync abilities that dream walkers can learn but here the basic ones.

Full Sync-Draem walkers can completely sync with the dream realms and control everything inside of it this can only be used by masters.

Ultimate Sync-You can use the ultimate form when dream walker and toju fuse together to fight with the ultimate power.

Duel Sync-You can sync with two tojus at the same time.

Shinigami Sync-This is a sync you can only use when your about to die to unleash a powerful wave of life-force that is a last ditch move that could kill you.

Mode Sync-You can sync mode which can be used for may task.


*You have to be in a certain state to call your Toju

*You can't completely sync unless your weak

*This takes to long to learn

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