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Nothing much is known about Susano'O at the time see Avery Vulcan more information.

he shares a body with Avery


  • True Mode Susano'O-No one ever seeh this superior form of Susano'O but Avery.
  • Attack Mode Susano'O-He becomes an berserker with rage impower and he can fillèt people like fish.
  • Defense Mode Susano'O-This mode is heavily defended buy shields of ice water.
  • Special Skill-He has many powers but no one ever seen this technique before.
  • God skill-Known God skills are Discover[Read a persons mind], Next[He can see the future], King[Makes him invulnerable forna short period of time.] and Gigabyte[An giant puppet that forms an super defensive barrier around him]
  • Gender swap-He can change his gender at will.Bit he prefers his female form a lot[because guys gives gifts to his female form].
  • Alopecia projection-He project a field that makes people lose hair slowly.


  • When in female form he only can use half of his power.
  • Sensô Sakusen-An unique satellite that shots an super focused beam of light that he controls with his mind.This may not be an strong power but it us his weapon-of-mass-destruction but he will only use it when he has to fight Gonzo.

Trivia or Request

  • Emi may call Avery a pervy loser but Susano'O is the real perv by turning into a girl so he could join the all female core of the I.I.A he's the only the male to ever see any of the I.I.A's female agents in the nude.
  • Avery really dislikes Susano'O's pervyness and is a bit jealous when he hits on Xena[And you thought Xena was envious].
  • Like most stereotyped animes he has extreme anime physics.
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