These are the various pellets Avery Vulcan uses.
Doom Increases user's normal abilities 100fold it's nolrmal limits. The bad side effct he the user can die if overdone.
Blazing Soul It increases the user's fire-based powers and strenght. Could become tired quick and fast if has no energy left.
Transparency Makes user invisible for a short amount of time. Can't be found during invisible time.
Atavism This is a rare pellet Avery uses to turn into his Half-Dragon Half-ascened form Could go full Dragon if knocked uncoines.
Attraction & Repulsion Another rare pellets that only Avery uses that makes him atrractive. Could cause paranoia.
Aquaus This pill cause Environmental Adaptation.on the user. It wears off once hit.
Perspicuity This pill protects the user form any pyschic powers in the world. It's bacically useless if fighting normal enemy.
Cadeus This rapidly heals all wounds done to user. Can't revive user if dies.
Mei-Li An extremly powerful pill that alows the user to absorb anything they touch. It could kill loved ones.
Goryu Effects unknown. It takes to long to be activated.

He wears ninja like armor and takes these power pills to help him in combat.

Vector Manipulation]

These are plates that he puts down to change dirctions of objects.
Alter Vampirism an pach that makes him into a reaper.
Imperceptibility He uses his I.I.A trainig to be basically untrackable.
Hive Mind An ultimate power to manipulate four other puppet bodies at once.
Mind Exchange He can change minds with anyone at any given time.
Psychic Shadow He can clok his psychic powers howevr he wants.
Omnipathic He can read all the minds of evryone in the world at the same time and single out minds too.


Avery is an master at this power.
Vary Inducement He can induce short but potant emotions into any one.
Samsara Manipulation This is relivltivly new to him currently no one not even Avery knows the extince of this.

These are all of some of Avery Vulcan's new toys.

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