This summer my friends I'll need all the help I can get, the first part of the Doombringer villains Rule Ark will begin and I'm trying to gather all new members with this event. You'll have to pick a side GOOD or Evil. This will be the first Rp ever. The Heromania Wiki will get a Twitter and FaceBook as well during the Summer.  New polls and TOP 10 list will be added and updated Weekly during the summer

But before all of this I will need you to clean up alll sloopy pages you have for the Wikia spotlight.  One more thing the chat room is returning

PS: You all can't be Heroes


If you have any ideas please leave them here or in the comments Gabe or Truth will answer them.


If you want to join please leave you name here...

Please keep in mind you will have to make(if you want to) a new OC Hero or Villain for this event

1. Doomweaver playing as villain. Character - Black Haste

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