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Star-Force is an intergalactic justice corps dedicated to fight any known threat to the galaxy. They are a homage to popular Tokusatsu shows such as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.


The first squad of Star-Force was formed by Galadus Ar Morium III on the planet Rimway. At that time, the planet itself was under attack by the Arsector empire, a human-like race of life forms that evolved from insects and arachnids. There were many casualties and yet after a grim storm of blood and lightning flash; Galadus and his men began the Rimwayan age of space and sought to liberate the evils that were beyond the stars themselves.

After many generations, Star-Force finally made contact with Earth and a secret pact was formed- but the secret did not last long.

The Rimwayans were the first to discover the idea of Mass-Conversion, the theory of converting matter into energy and vice versa. This allowed their weaponry and uniforms to be easily called whenever needed. Star-Force have traditionally used this type of technology ever since.

Actively Known Members

  • Khylo-Byte
  • Yin Long
  • Sole Powers
  • Oziro Kazunagi

Actively Known Teams

  • A-Unit
  • B-Unit
  • C-Unit
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